14 WordPress Plugins for Facebook

I spent quite a bit of time talking about WordPress. And I spend a lot of time talking about Facebook. Love it or hate it, more and more people are using Facebook and more people are becoming interested in adding their blog content to their Facebook profile or page.

So, here are some WordPress plugins for Facebook. All of them say they are compatible with WordPress 3.0.

  1. JP-Facebook – add a Facebook ‘like’ button to any page on your blog.
  2. Facebook Like Button– another version of the Facebook Like button that claims to have a lot of options.
  3. 1-click Retweet/Share/Like – This plugin adds Facebook Like, Facebook Share, and Retweet to Twitter.
  4. Wordbooker – This plugin allows you to crosspost your WordPress posts to the Facebook wall.
  5. WordPress Facebook Profile This plugin will create a tab on your Facebook profile or page that displays your blog.
  6. Facebook Fan Box Widget – This plugin adds a fan box widget making it easy to show your Facebook fans on the sidebar of your blog.
  7. Share and Follow – add the most popular share and follow links to your WordPress site.
  8. WPBook – This plugin will turn your blog into a Facebook application. Your posts will be added, users can comment on posts, and comments will be shared between Facebook and WordPress. You will need a Facebook API key to use this plugin.
  9. Facebook Comments for WordPress – Allows visitors to comment and interact with your website using their Facebook account.
  10. Social Media Widget – Easily add icons and links to your social media profiles to your sidebar with this plugin. It includes Facebook.
  11. FT-FacePress-II – adds information about your posts to your Facebook status.
  12. WordPress Connect – Adds the Facebook Social Plugins, such as Activity, Comments and Live Stream, to your website as widgets.
  13. Taggable – With this plugin you can tag your friends on pages and posts. I haven’t quite figured out why I would want to do this but it sounds interesting.
  14. WpMultimediaBridge – This plugin allows you to post multimedia URLs in the Facebook format. What this means is that a thumbnail, title and description of the URL will be displayed on your site. This is similar to when you post a youtube video or flickr photo on Facebook.

Do you use any of these plugins? Do you use different ones that you like better?

photo credit: Erica_Marshall

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  1. says

    Hey Kim,

    Thanks for including Share and Follow in the listing here. I’m very proud now, as I made it.

    The part that makes Share and Follow especially useful to facebook people is the Share Image URL (image_src). This is a URL that you can set in many different ways to give Facebook an image to show next to your shares in the newsfeed.

    It can be set as
    – Site logo
    – Gravatar image
    – Default Custom image for all Pages/Posts/Homepage/Archive pages
    – Custom Field in the Post/Page called “image_src” that gives a unique URL
    – Image from the page/post

    Very handy if your Theme has no image tags and only uses CSS image replacement.

    Thanks again
    Andy Killen
    Share and Follow
    .-= Andy Killen´s last blog ..release 1196 – few spelling mistakes and a reset button – TOTALLY WP V30 COMPLIANT- =-.

    • says

      Hi Dennis – I have a lot of articles that I bookmark with a variety of tags including toread so I will read it later. If I actually did that …. :-)

  2. says

    Hi Kim – I don’t have any of these plugins – I deleted all my plugins when I was hacked and now I’m trying to decide which ones to add. I’ve seen a few sites with the Facebook like and retweet buttons and they seem to work well. I think I’ll try out a couple of your suggestions – thanks.
    .-= Cath Noble´s last blog ..4 Stupid Bucket List Mistakes To Avoid =-.

    • says

      Hi Cath – Many of these things can be done without plugins if you are wary of installing too many.

      Sorry that your blog was hacked – there’s been a lot of that lately – I’ve fixed a bunch of them.

  3. says

    Great post Kim. ;)

    I’m the one who created WpMultimediaBridge. At the beginning, it was a project for http://laltruiste.ca/ because the site was created in WordPress and it’s a place where we want the people (principally around Montreal) to share content about culture and events… also people where starting to share a lot of links from YouTube and Vimeo. You know, it’s a project for fun, to share and meet people with similar interest.

    I was thinking, Ok… I should share this work with others, this plugin could be usefull to someone else. So I named it WpMultimediaBridge and put it for download on WordPress.org. :)

    I don’t have a lot of time for this project right now (there is no money coming from imatrice or laltruiste…, etc) but my objective is to make it more efficient and able to crawl content on multiple sources.

    Have fun!!

    P.S.: Sorry if my English is not clear… I’m french-canadian.
    .-= Bigmizar´s last blog ..WpMultimediaBridge is online =-.

  4. says

    Hi – Thanks for stopping by and letting us know more about the plugin. I haven’t actually tested it but I really like the idea of how it works.

  5. says

    Ok, I tried ‘Facebook Fan Box Widget’ and could not get it to work. Not sure why. Funny thing Kim, is I kept your blog entry in my inbox to remind me I needed to put some kind of Facebook widget on our blog. While the plugin did not work, I went to Facebook’s widgets page and found one that would work. We now have a ‘Like’ iframe on our blog! Yeah! :)
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Three Rivers Community Roundtable’s 2010 Summer Workshop =-.

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