Top 5 (Anti) Social Articles in 2009

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (by jack o'diamonds)

I decided to take a rare peek at Google Analytics and find out what my top 5 articles were of 2009 by pageviews.

The results didn’t surprise me and are a glimpse into what people are interested in right now and does make me question my focus here a little.

One of the top 5 was the home page. I am not including this in the list but rather actual articles.


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Picture Perfect

Components Of A Perfect Day (by Merry~Blues)

Over a month ago Adrenalynn tagged me in the Picture Perfect Meme, in which you had to ask your child to draw a picture of you and then post it on your site.

It took me a while to actually post this, even though I already had the picture. She drew this a couple of months ago but I thought it was the best one to use.

The picture includes the entire family, even the cats, though we don’t all live together.


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Don’t Let Your WordPress Customizations Get the Best of You

Customized Dunlops (by metz79)

Sometimes when we do a lot of customizations to our WordPress themes we can forget that they are there and then have trouble with something and be stumped as to what the problem is.

I did this recently with one of my scheduled posts and an excluded category.

Here’s what happened.



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(Anti) Social Lists 12/27/09

We are now in that mid holiday week limbo period. Christmas is over and New Years isn’t quite here. The kids are off from school and without childcare it is very difficult (almost impossible) to work.

This week I have WordPress, Twitter, Morgan Freeman, coconuts and much much more.

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Merry Christmas Scrooge Style

Holiday Inn, 1967, #4,000 (by Roadsidepictures)

My favorite version of A Christmas Carol is the 1970 musical called Scrooge, which stars Albert Finney. I don’t know if it’s the BEST version but it’s my favorite.

There are two reasons for this, which are highlighted in the videos below. 1. When Scrooge witnesses his death with the ghost of the future, the townspeople dance on his coffin and sing a song called “Thank You Very Much”. It’s mean and funny all at the same time. 2. At a party the people play a game called The Minister’s Cat. This game makes me laugh – I wish I had that much fun at my parties ;-)

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