WordPress Assistance – You Can Lean on Me

A big thank you to all of my online friends and awesome clients. My friends all insisted that I have a great vacation and that I relax. And my clients were more than patient waiting for me to return.

As my current clients know, you can lean on me. And for any potential clients, know that you can lean on me. I am usually faster than turtle but sometimes I take my time mulling over the best solution.

I have a client who always pays by check and sends awesome cards with her payments. It was so wonderful to return home and discover that my client thinks of me as her Wonder Woman that defeats her dinosaur WordPress problems. The card and the note meant more to me than the check.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

(Anti) Social Lists 8/29/10

Well, I am back from vacation physically but I think mentally I am still away. I intended to jump right back into things when I returned but I tend to forget how exhausted I am the first day back. I also had a number of problems to deal with such as my DSL not working because the cat chewed up a wire heading to a phone jack and the insurance company not processing things correctly.

The first day back was gorgeous but it’s really heating up again. Doesn’t the weather know that summer is supposed to be over once I return from Vermont? ;-)

I don’t have too many links this week but I wanted to get back to my posting schedule again.


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How to Use the Facebook Livestream Application for Static Content and Dynamic Comments

Facebook has a livestream application in which live events can occur and viewers can comment on the even in real time. Each viewer’s comment gets posted to their wall with a link back to the event, which increased the visibility of the event.

Setting up a live event on Facebook, however, is more than most of us need to do and will incur some costs setting up the event through Vimeo and other Facebook partners. We can, however, still take advantage of the Livestream application and use it with static content. The viewers can still comment on the content in real time and their wall postings will increase the visibility of your video or other materials.

Here’s how to set up the Livestream application with your static content.

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(Anti) Social Lists 8/15/10

I’m getting ready for my vacation and am so ready for it. My posting schedule may be off for the next two weeks – I’m not quite sure yet.

This week I have WordPress, cassettes, urban farms, popup forms and more.


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