5 Most Popular (Anti) Social Posts of All Time

Casal Popular – Barcelona (by PPCC Antifa)

I just realized that this blog is a year old. My first post was May 19, 2008 although I didn’t really get going until June. I tend to think of the blog starting in the summer.

So, in order to commemorate this event I am going to list my 5 most popular posts of all time based on page views in Google Analytics. One of them I know without even looking it up. On most days it gets the most traffic, it rarely gets a comment and it makes me laugh.


  1. 4 Sites To Help You Decide What Book To Read Next – This article was also featured on my 5 most popular articles of this year post. This is one of those articles that got stumbled and stumble visitors continue to visit. Who knew that deciding what book to read was such a hot topic.
  2. How to Make an Animated Gif from a Video Clip – Last summer Jim found a funny video clip and thought it would make a cool animated gif. Being the curious dork that I am I decided to figure out how to do this and wrote it up for this article. It’s received very few comments except by people who have trouble with the instructions. My guess is that this a favorite of people who want to make really annoying forum avatars.
  3. Extract Audio from YouTube Videos – This is the one that I knew would be in the top 5. I wanted to do this so I could have funny sound clips like Bill O’Reilly screaming, “we’ll do it live”. I think though that most people are using it to get songs off of music videos. This, to me, is incredibly lame. The sound quality isn’t going to be very good and most songs can be purchased for .99 cents. Maybe they are using it the way I do … I’m not sure. It just amuses me.
  4. How to Exclude Pages from the WordPress Navigation Bar – This is a relatively simple code tweak that doesn’t require the use of a plugin. It would appear that a lot of people want to know how to do this. This is the article in this list that I am most happy about receiving traffic. It’s what I enjoy working with and writing about.
  5. Qwitter: Find Out Who Has Stopped Following You on Twitter – While I originally wrote this article to be funny, it seems that many people want to know who has stopped following them and are searching for a tool. Unfortunately, Qwitter has become unreliable at best. I never did stop the service and I rarely receive notifications that someone has stopped following me. Then I’ll wake up on a particular morning to a full inbox because I have received weeks worth of unfollows. It’s annoying – somehow I have still not been annoyed enough to unsubscribe although I really should. I have put a note on the top of the article to let people know that the service doesn’t really work anymore but I guess that doesn’t stop them from finding it with a search.

While I know that what I value differs from what other people find important, only one out of the five most popular articles really matters to me. I wasn’t surprised by these results because anytime I look at stats these 5 articles are always at the top.

photo credit: PPCC Antifa

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  1. says

    So which one do you value? Same thing happens to me. I value those “Hardcore or Masochist” post series but they get random traffic and almost no comments. It took me a while to write them though and the research was painful. Guess that’s why i stopped them. No motivation. Anyway happy birthday!

    • says

      Hi Stratos – Woops – thought I added that info. I like #4 the best

      A couple of these are before I settled on what I was going to write about – that took me most last summer.

    • says

      Hi – Well, if you want to read some older posts I don’t know if these would
      be my top recommendations. It depends on what you are interested in.

      Thanks for visiting and sticking around :-)

    • says

      Hi Siel – I know. It worked briefly and then turned into a big mess. I feel
      bad for the people who search for info about this and find the qwitter article.

  2. says

    Happy one year blog-anniversary! Mine started about one year ago around this time too. It is funny how your top article, traffic wise, is quite surprising compared to what you, as the author, enjoyed writing the most. I guess that is how it works for most sites though.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s last blog post – Wedding Photos and More at SoulmatesWedding.com

  3. says

    Happy Anniversary Kim. Did ya have some cake to celebrate? Anyway, about Qwitter, there is another site called Friend Or Follow that does the same thing. I’ve just checked mine and I’ve found another 3 slime balls I have to give the flick. :D Perhaps you could adjust your post?

    Sire´s last blog post – Are Google’s Days Numbered?

  4. says

    Hi Sire – Thanks! I didn’t actually celebrate – although I thought I heard fireworks last night ;-)

    I have a note at the beginning of the qwitter article that says the service isn’t reliable but I don’t offer an alternative. One time when I tried Friend or Follow it told me that there were people who weren’t following me who actually were so I was hesitant to use it. I suppose, however that if a lot of people are searching for this information that a new article would be useful.

  5. says

    No worries Kim. You know, you may not be able to rely on sites doing what they are supposed to do, but you can rely on me keeping an eye on you, just to see what you are gonna come up with next. ;)

  6. says

    Except 2 and 3 I clearly remember reading those posts :) By the way, how come 3 is a popular post? Did you pick it based on page views, because number of comments on it is not that high.

    • says

      Dang… I really need to change my reading style… Guess what, the moment I see titles like 5 things, 10 posts etc, I directly go to those bullet points and start reading (that’s why my previous question on page views/comments :(

      And Happy (belated) Birthday to (Anti) Social Development… It’s been a nice journey, isn’t it? Your online social and web presence has really gone high in 1 year, I see. And the difference between the very first post and the latest shows how your blog has influenced and evolved – especially, it’s very much influenced (and vice versa) by your career choice now, right? :)

      Congrats again on completing an year with (A)SD !

      Ajith Edassery´s last blog post – What was a blog and what is it now?

      • says

        Hi Ajith – That’s ok – I do the same thing sometimes.

        Thanks! I can’t believe it’s been a year – I had no plans for freelancing
        when I first started the site. But it had everything to do with why I left
        my job.

        Now I need to work on traffic to the site ;-)

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