6 WordPress Book and Notebook Themes

library bikerack (by Joel Mann)

As I continue book week here at (Anti) Social Development, I gift you with 6 WordPress themes related to books and notebooks.

Again, some of these are contenders for my next installment of ugly WordPress themes and I’m not quite sure that they are appropriate for book related blogs but they have something about them related to books or a notebook style design.

Notepad chaos is the only one I’ve seen in the wild and is probably my favorite of all of them.

What do you think? Do you like any of these? Would you use them on a bookish site?


The Book


WP College Education


Freshie Book


Notepad Chaos


Travelling Logbook



photo credit: Joel Mann

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  1. says

    Another really cool post, Kim. I like book week. :-) I love Notepad Chaos. Which is really odd for me. I normally tend to like plainer themes.

    Jim´s last blog post – Shuffle Karma

  2. says

    @Betsy – Maybe you can use one if you decide to redesign. Search on notebook or education WordPress themes and you might find some more. Notebook Chaos is a favorite.

    @Jim – That is surprising – I wouldn’t have guessed you would like that one. I was thinking I would like that one with a plain background – I like the notebook aspect of it.

    @Shirley – Yeah – or change the background to something more simple.

    @Kristi – I think the rulers would have to go – they do make the heading hard to read.

    @Carla – Great! If you use it, let me know :-)

    @Raju – LOL

    @Barbara – You can also try searching on WordPress Education Themes. You will probably find quite a few that are suitable for “school” type settings.

    @Stratos – I recognized it from your microblog ;-) That’s the only one of the 6 that I’ve seen used on sites.

    @Dave – Who is Evan? What else has he designed?

    @Vered – It’s pretty simple. I’m not a huge fan of orange so I might want a different header but otherwise it’s a nice layout.

  3. says

    I tried using Notebook Chaos with my blog but there’s not that many theme options – as a matter of fact, maybe you can just change the logo and the background and that’s it. I was horrified that my ads were going over the border and my programmer cannot do anything about it! But I have to admit, it is beautiful. But usability should also be one factor before a writer changes her blog theme. I hope they improve it. :)
    .-= Issa@YouWantToBeRich´s last blog ..Grow Rich, Play Monopoly =-.

    • says

      Hi Issa – Some themes have a number of options built in and others have none. It would seem that if the ads weren’t displaying properly that CSS could have been added to correct the problem.

      I have never used that theme but I like the way it looks.

  4. says

    Hi, thanks for the theme info.. do you know any notebook / diary theme recommendation. I just started my own blog and searching for themes.


  5. Manu says


    i really liked the notepad chaos theme, and i’d really love to integrate the theme into my wordpress blog. is it possible? how can i do it?

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