6 WordPress Plugins for Diet and Exercise

Man performs mystical stretching exercises on Morro Strand (by mikebaird)

As we are in the middle of diet and exercise week here at (Anti) Social Development, I have located 6 WordPress plugins that are related to diet and exercise and could be used on weight loss or sports blogs.

If you missed the earlier article, on Monday I features 12 WordPress Themes related to diet and exercise.


  1. Weight Loss Calculator – A functional weight loss planning calculator
  2. Body Mass Index Calulator Widget – Enter you weight and height and this sidebar widget will calculate your body mass index (BMI)
  3. Overweight Calculator – This plugin can be used to check the Body Mass Index and will suggest a recommended weight range. Not the nicest name for a plugin ;-)
  4. Fotherplot – A plugin that plots values stored in a custom field against the published date of the blog post. So, if you were writing a post about losing weight and had a custom field for your weight for that day, this plugin would make a chart for you of your weight over time. By default the data is only posted in the admin area. If you want to post it on your blog you need to read the instructions in the faq.
  5. Dive Log – A plugin that will assist you in tracking the data related to your dives.
  6. Cyclopress – This plugin assist in tracking the cycling data gathered by the cyclocomputer. Copy the data from the Cyclocomputer to the plugin and graphs will be created for data such as average speed and distance.

What do you think? Are any of these useful?

photo credit: mikebaird

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  1. says

    Hey Kim,

    These are really some cool plugins that will can be helpful.

    Many of the readers will like to check out their BMI while surfing internet and you blog can be the place that can help them out to know it.

    • says

      Hi Vered – I’ve heard of an app called Tweet What You Eat – I’ve wondered if the updates would annoy my followers … it would definitely keep me accountable – wouldn’t want to tell the world that I ate candy for breakfast ;-)

  2. says

    Hey these are great! Thanks for posting and of course they are right up my alley. I am actually going to link to them, my readers could really use them!

  3. George says

    I suggest the Runners Log plugin for your list.
    But it is only maintained by an enthusiast.

    Hope it helps

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