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(Anti) Social-Lists 10/4/09


Happy October!!

2009 has certainly flown by. I was hopeful that it would be better than 2008 and overall it has been. Right now we are gearing up for Halloween – for some reason Alex wants to be the same thing she was last year. Easy enough I suppose.

This week I have information about freelancing, Evernote, WordPress, Facebook and more.

  • Why Online Friends are Important to Freelancers – An article about the benefits of online relationships for freelancers.
  • 14 Practical Ways to Use Evernote – Guy Kawasaki lists a number of ways that Evernote can be useful. Personally, I’ve used Evernote and it’s very useful but it’s not become one of my online habits. I’m not sure why not. It’s similar to how I can’t seem to get into Friendfeed. But I know a number of people who love Evernote.
  • How to Choose the Fastest Line at the Market – Ok, I’m not linking to this because I find the information useful but more as a curiousity. I never go to the grocery store, well I rarely go to a big grocery store, when I’m in a big hurry. Is this really an issue for people? We have all the food we could possibly want and all we have to do is wait in line – is this really such a big deal?
  • Installing WordPress Locally in Windows XP Using WampServer – If you want to install WordPress on your own computer, this tutorial will provide the instructions on how to do this with WampServer.
  • How to Remove the Boxes Tab on Facebook – This short article tells you how to remove the Boxes Tab from a Facebook fan page. Please note that this does not work on your profile page.
  • Chapter 3 of the Tales of Monkey Island, called Lair of the Leviathan was released this week. Here is a video of some of the gameplay.
  • Monday was a school holiday and my babysitter called out sick. I was frustrated because I was supposed to work and really wasn’t going to be able to. I made this my Facebook status and my friend Jim suggested that I put Alex in a giant hamster ball. This led to a number of ideas for giant hamster balls uses such as cubicles and exercise machines. I them remembered that Peter Gabriel already has the prototype for the giant hamster ball.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

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10 Responses to “(Anti) Social-Lists 10/4/09”

  • The how to choose the fastest super market line thing cracked me up! I find it baffling how much thought some people put it to optimizing such tiny decisions. It’s just totally the opposite of my preferred slipshod method of doing things.

    I’m reading the Evernote post but I think I have enough crap as it is.
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Dear Stephanie =-.

  • Hi Kim. I enjoyed the article about why online friends are important to freelancers. It baffles me that there are still people who don’t understand the benefits of online relationships. Of course, nothing can take the place of a real, genuine, face to face meeting with a friend, but the world is so much bigger than the area immediately surrounding you, and there’s so many people out there to find and get to know.
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Treat Your Blog Like A Living Thing =-.

    • Hi Trey – I agree. I have quite a few online friends that have helped me through things that “real” friends did not. They are extremely valuable. And it’s so true that we now have the opportunity to know people from all
      over the world.

  • Awesome list, Kim!


    Peter Gabriel was way ahead of his time! :-)

  • As for the grocery line, it’s tough to spend 20 minutes shopping and 30 minutes waiting in line!

    That WampServer link should help me a lot. I’ve had no luck with XAMPP.

    • Hi Dot – Maybe Wamp will work better. I’ve only tried XAMPP before but
      don’t currently have it set up.

      I don’t have that problem when I shop – maybe I’m just lucky or maybe it’s when I go shopping.

  • Hey Kim,

    Installing wordpress on XP is a must read for me because I have heard about this thing a year ago, but I never got time to search out for the details. Thanks for ending my curiosity.

    However the other link that is how to choose the fastest line is also a wonderful post and worth taking keynotes.
    .-= Ravi Kuwadia´s last blog ..5 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader =-.

  • Hi Ravi – It can be really useful to have a local installation of WordPress. I don’t currently have a server set-up on my computer but it can be really useful to have.

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