(Anti) Social-Lists 12/7/08

This week we have sources for free images, grief counseling for bloggers, living car-free in LA, a new WordPress plugin and the types of people to unfollow on Twitter. Enjoy!

  • Enhance your blog posts with free high quality images – A guide to the best free high quality stock images.

  • Grief Counseling for Bloggers – David Bradley wrote this article when I was complaining about losing my page rank. It’s a humorous look at how bloggers react when events, such as lost passwords, dropped page ranks, and a decrease in RSS subscriptions, occur.
  • Car Free Mondays: A Series Featuring Car Free Women in LA – Siel, at Green LA Girl, has been writing a series about women who live in LA and don’t own cars. I don’t own a car, but I live in a big city with good public transportation, and it’s fascinating for me to read how women are living car-free in a city where supposedly everyone drives.
  • Top Ten List of People to Unfollow on Twitter – Many lists of top 10 users on Twitter have been written – 10 Ten in Social Media, Top Ten Environmentalists, etc. In this article, Shannon Whitley lists the top ten types of people to unfollow on Twitter. It’s funny and true.
  • Contact Commenters WordPress Plugin – Our friend Ajith has released a new plugin called Contact Commenters. This plugin provides an easy way to email your commenters based on a variety of different criteria such as All Commentors on a Particular Post, All Commentors in last X number of days, etc. I helped Ajith test the plugin and it works great!
  • 40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content – Chris Brogan wrote a great list of tips and suggestions for writing better articles for your blog.

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  1. says

    @Jim – Thanks for visiting :-) And you’ve reminded me to go check what funny stuff you’ve been writing lately.

    @Wesley – Oh stop … ;-)

    @Jim – I need to try some of those photo sites. I always use Flickr or my own photos. I need to branch out a little.

    @Shirley – Yeah, David was picking on me with the Grief Counseling Article. It’s a good thing I don’t mind being teased by people I kind of know.

    @Ajith – You’re welcome. It’s a great plugin. Has anyone told you about 2.7? It works fine but the fields aren’t working properly – it looks like a size issue. That’s a lot of downloads in a couple of days.

  2. says

    Thanks again, Kim, for another great list! How do you find time to do anything else?
    I had used some of the services on the free images URL, but some were new to me. The Twitter unfollow URL was all too true, and funny as well.
    I’ve downloaded the Contact Commenters plugin and will give it a try. How many plugins have you been instrumental in producing now?

    Mike Nichols´s last blog post – Phobia Names: Why Can’t We Just Agree?

  3. says

    Hi Kim, Great advice as usual! This one had so many things that caught my eye. I read the unfollow advice and thought about how I pick people to follow on Twitter. I look for conversation and real people reactions. I do feel that the blog posting can be overdone but I would never have found some of my favorite blogs if someone hadn’t promoted them.

    I’m still checking out the links. I had read Chris Brogan’s post before. His blog like yours is delivered to my e-mail.

    Julie Walraven´s last blog post – Postcards from the road

  4. says

    @Siel – I love the series! I wish more people who live in cities would consider giving up their cars.

    @Mike – I guess I’m just a plugin muse – lol Ajith had been thinking of making one – I just encouraged him to do it and helped him test it.

    @Julie – I’m glad you liked the list :-) I don’t check Chris Brogan’s site as frequently as I should but he always has great stuff.

  5. says

    Good stuff Kim! I’ve checked out a couple, and will be back to check out more. As I get more into this, I love soaking up as much information as I can on all things blogging-related and to an extent, web-related. Thanks!

    Lance´s last blog post – Sunday Thought For The Day

  6. says

    @Carla – It is such a great series! And Browne is ballsy. She talked about racism and not driving – how not having a car made employers think she was poor and unreliable but if it has been a white person biking to work they would have thought how noble.

    Green LA Girl is an awesome site. Much of it is too specific to California issues but there is still a lot of interesting articles. And I really like the way Siel writes.

    And you were the only person, well, other than Siel to mention that link :-)

  7. says

    Well, thanks for linking. I had need to re-read my own counsel this week after Google switched my feeds over to their system from Feedburner and I lost 1000 subscribers on Sciencebase.com earlier this week, thankfully they seem to have come back home. Phew. No more tears.

  8. says

    @David – Grrr … on feedburner. I’ve finally crossed 150 readers and I really hope they don’t take that away from me overnight.

    Now just go and read your article and you will feel better ;-)

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