(Anti) Social Lists 2/20/11

It’s spring, it’s winter, it’s spring …

I hope you survived the full moon and the solar flares.

This week I have freelancing, Moby Dick, Facebook, pc games, hide and seek and more.


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  1. says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m still 1 or 2 days after in my reading, but this morning did I look over and read some of the articles on your (Anti) Social lists 2/20/11. And I did like the articles; Are Bidding Websites Good for Freelancers to Use? And of courses The 100 best PC games of all time. But I couldn’t found my favorite; Call of Duty 4.

    • says

      Hi Marbella – Glad you found some good ones. Well, it’s PC gamer’s opinion – you don’t have to agree with them ;-) A couple of my faves weren’t on there either.

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