(Anti) Social Lists 3/13/11

Did you spring forward? While it’s nice to have more light, my body doesn’t like losing the hour and I usually end up being tired all week.

This week I have project management, private public libraries, Facebook, WordPress and more.


  • Momentum Monday: File Under “Don’t Care” – Why You Need to Go on an Information Diet – Well, I would always say this is true for any sort of celebrity gossip. Charlie who? Sometimes, all the information just becomes too much and we need a break from it. I know when I step back I am happier.
  • Freedcamp – Free online project management software that allows you to import from Basecamp. I only started using Project Management software recently so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but I like the price.
  • The Idle Parent – Here is an excerpt from a book I read last week called The Idle Parent. This book makes us question the hover and fully scheduled parenting that seems to be the current norm. I really enjoyed it because it made me feel better about my own slacker ways.
  • California libraries targeted for takeover by private equity firms – Overall, I don’t think the privatization of public services is a good idea. And as someone who could be a librarian, if I felt like it (I went to library school) the whole idea really bugs me.
  • How to Install the Facebook Iframe App in Less Than 30 Seconds – A review of the new Facebook app for Iframes that will work as a replacement for static FBML. I haven’t tested it yet but it looks like a good one.
  • What We Learned Publishing Digging Into WordPress – Jeff and Chris share what they learned publishing the awesome Digging into WordPress.
  • 20 Sad Etsy Boyfriends – Some funny photos of guys who are obviously being coerced into modeling their girlfriend’s creations.
  • 10 Best Websites To Make Comic Strips – The kid is currently obsessed with making comic strips and reading graphic novels. I am currently reviewing the tools on this list to find the best one for her to use. Of course, I am also encouraging her to use colored pencils and paper ;-)

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