(Anti) Social-Lists 3/8/09

It seems that Spring may finally be on the way. At the beginning of this week it was 15 degrees and snowing. Now at the end, it is sunny and 60. Seems a bit extreme. Anyway, this week I have information about twitter, fun with photos, threaded comments in Thesis, content theft, and happiness.

  • How Twitter Can Help At Work – The New York Times has written an article about using Twitter. This either means that it’s use has become ubiquitious or that twitter is about to jump the shark. While the article explains how to use twitter, I didn’t really see it living up to it’s title on explaining how it can be useful at work.
  • 25 Websites to Have Fun With Your Photos – If you don’t want to get any work done this weekend, visit this site. You can make a photo mosaic, add your photos to a magazine cover, yearbook yourself, make a Wired magazine cover, make your photos look old, and much much more.
  • Now Featuring Comment Threading – I know a lot of you use the Thesis theme. Here Rick Beckman explains how to add threaded comments to your theme.
  • 50 Twitter Tools for Designers and Developers – An enormous list of tutorials, references and plugins to assist you in integrating Twitter with your site in just the way you want to.
  • The Year of Original Content: How to Fight Back Against Abusers – An excellent article by Lorelle on what to do when your blog content is stolen or scraped. I should have included this article last week when I first read it.
  • The Futile Pursuit of Happiness – An interesting discussion about happiness research and how positive and negative events tend to ultimately have less of an impact on our lives than we imagine they will.
  • How to Make a Unique Website for Your Twitter Updates – A step by step tutorial for creating a page or website for twitter updates. I was even able to follow the photoshop part of this tutorial ;-)

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    nice list Kim. especially those sites for photos… as always a nice link collection… but what happened to those videos you use to post? :P

    stratosg´s last blog post – The new theme

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