(Anti) Social Lists 5/1/11

This is my first (Anti) Social List since March. I stopped doing them when my dental problems started and between that and Spring Break this is the first opportunity I’ve had to do one.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already May!

This week I have Facebook, old ads, Stormtroopers, freelancing, rainbows, and more.


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  1. says

    I’m getting a wisdom tooth out on Monday, and all last week was not looking forward to it. Yesterday it hurt all day, now I can;t get there soon enough. :P

    And yes, I *did* notice food packets getting smaller. :-/

    • says

      Hi Andrea – Good luck! I dread going to the dentist but last month I was in so much pain I couldn’t wait to go. I knew that whatever needed to be done would help me fell better. It was an infection on an old root canal so after a couple of days with penicillin I felt a lot better.

      The packages getting smaller annoys me – I would rather have the prices raised than be treated like a moron who might not notice the difference.

  2. says

    Hi Kim! I hope every things okay with you now. My daughter noticed that her favorite snacks packages are getting smaller and the contents are also getting fewer but the prices are still the same. I hope that they will just increase the price and let our daughters enjoy their favorite snacks without depriving them of real content. Have a nice day, Kim.

    • says

      Hi Anne – I’m feeling much better – thanks! I think they should be more honest about the actual prices rather than trying to “trick” us.

  3. says

    Hi Kim,
    Lovely to read your (Anti) Social List again.
    Yes, the packages are smaller or there are less items per package, but the worst is that the holes in the toothpaste tube, ketchup bottle etc. has become bigger – greater hole, so we consume them faster and have to buy new quicker.

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