(Anti) Social-Lists 8/10/08

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  1. says

    Scam – No thanks necessary. You know how I feel about Bigfoot …

    And I didn’t like Plurk at all either – mostly because it never worked for me. I like identi.ca ok and I think Rejaw has potential but I really like Twitter and want to stick with it. I try out a lot of different sites but don’t have time for many of them.

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post – (Anti) Social-Lists 8/10/08

  2. says

    Thanks Kim for the link love, glad you liked my post. What’s teh plugin that makes your replies a different color and how can I post a reply to my visitors and not be admin?

    Sommer-Green&Clean Moms last blog post – BPA WAR

  3. Kim Woodbridge says

    Hi Sommer,

    The different color replies are done through CSS not a plugin – it applies a different style if I am the one commenting. I can email you an example of the code if you like.

    I don’t know how to post a reply and not be admin – I found that if I’m not logged into the admin area that it will still recognize my login information and post the comments in green but will also sort of treat me like a visitor and apply the comment luv link like it did in the comment above yours. I actually didn’t mean to do that – since we are on my site I don’t really need a link to the same article that we are reading.

    No thanks are necessary for the link – it’s useful information.

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