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(Anti) Social-Lists 8/9/09


We’ve had a brief reprieve from the heat and humidity here in Philly – it’s been perfect. I’ve been a little cranky the last couple of days – no real reason – just annoyed in general. Here’s hoping that next week is better.

I’ve got some freelancing, some funny stuff, a book preorder, and my own photo and video.

  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Guide to Freelancing – For the first 5 years, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my favorite all time show. It still makes me laugh. Here is an article that relates freelancing to that program.
  • Why I Usually Grocery Shop Alone – The second installment in Jannie Funster’s very funny “alone” series.
  • 34 Ways to Use YouTube for Business – Creative ideas on ways to use YouTube for your business.
  • Gets No Respect I Tell Ya, No Respect – A funny email about linking to someone else’s images.
  • Smashing Book Pre Order – Smashing Magazine has written a web design book, which can be pre-ordered for a discount.
  • This was outside a restaurant near where I live. I haven’t eaten there and I don’t think I will.
    I'm not that hungry. (by kwbridge)
  • Memento Mori is one of the games that I’m currently playing (although I’ve been reading late at night a lot more than playing). This is a video I took of the intro scene.
  • I’ve been listening to Metric all week. This isn’t the best video that I found but it has good sound. If I was a guy I would totally have a crush on Emily Haines.

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