(Anti) Social-Lists 9/20/09

Well, I didn’t manage to get back on track with my posting schedule last week. I guess if I’m only going to post one article a week that it better be a really good one ;-) Life and work has been getting in the way and I’m still trying to spend less time at the computer.

So, this week I’ve got some veggies, consumers vs citizens, anti IE, a WordPress theme, file conversion, some video dating, and some Patrick Swayze.

  • Veggie Trader Veggie Trader is kind of like the Craigslist for produce. You can find neighbors with extra veggies and set up trades with them. Now I need to find someone who wants extra yellow squash ;-)
  • I Am Not a Consumer. I Am A Person. – A mini-rant about how the media refers to citizens as consumers as if our sole purpose is to shop in order to prop up the economy. I couldn’t agree more – it has always bothered me to be referred to as a consumer.
  • Serve IE6 Visitors the Default WordPress Theme – IE6 is a nightmare to design for and many people don’t want to do it any more. Here is a tutorial that will show you how to do browser check and display the default WordPress theme to visitors using IE6. No more design issues.
  • Introducing the Core Blog Theme for WordPress Brian Gardner has released this theme under a GPL.
  • Zamzar – Convert files from one format to another online and for free. I discovered this site the other day when I need to create a MS Publisher file to a MS Word file. I’m a little tired of people assuming that everyone used the full Office 2007 suite (I don’t use Office at all) and am glad tools like this exist to deal with these file issues.
  • Best Moments from Curb Your Enthusiasm – I really like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David although I haven’t seem too much of the series. In honor of the beginning of Season 7 here are some of the best moments form the show.
  • Found video footage of video dating. Fortunately, my dates, although nothing special, have been way better then these guys. What? No hamsters?
  • I normally don’t get too worked up about celebrity stuff but felt sad to hear about the passing of Patrick Swayze. He seemed like a good guy and was much too young. It also made me think about my Mom. People always think of Dirty Dancing, Ghost and Roadhouse so I thought I would include a clip of Swayze as Vita in To Wong Foo: Thanks for the Memories Julie Newmar.

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  1. Jim says

    Awesome List, Kim!

    Those CYE moments are gold!

    And I can’t stop watch the video dating clip. I wonder what the “Who is the goddess?” guy is up to now?

  2. says

    LOL Kim – I hadn’t seen that Patrick Swayze film before and I kept wondering when he wasn’t going to come on. It took me a good while to realize that he was Vita. He was an awesome actor and like you said, he seemed like a really nice guy.

    • says

      yeah true i am a person, not a consumer post was a good one no doubt. I think he means that life and work is sometimes really very important to look forward to…Giving time to family is an important factor…but we guys these days are so workaholic that there is hardly any time we are working when we are not on the computer…so staying away from the computer is to stay away from work for a while…

    • says

      Hi Tracy – I’m really trying. I spent almost the entire weekend outside
      and am now confident that I’m not a vampire. ;-)

      Yeah – I can’t stand being called a consumer.

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