(Anti) Social-Lists 9/28/08

Ok – this week I have a links covering plugins, turning 40, a use of social media, a great contest for charity, some SEO, a cheat sheet, and (Anti) Social Updates.

  • How to Write a WordPress Plugin – This tutorial is a year old and is aimed at people with knowledge of PHP. It is an comprehensive twelve part tutorial. I just wish I knew PHP better.
  • 39 Things I Have Learned as I Prepare to Turn 40 Mark Hayward lists 39 things he has learned as he approaches 40. I wish I had seen this article in May when it came out as Mark Hayward and I are almost birthday buddies – he is just one day older than me :-)
  • Launching Your Next Venture Using Social Media – 5 Lessons Learned – Recently Train for Humanity was on the (Anti) Social-List. This article is a follow-up in which the lessons learned about launching a new product via social media are highlighter as well as what would be done differently the next time.
  • Styletime contest launch! Donate a dollar for BlogActionDay and win some great prizes! – Also blog, tweet, stumble or shout about this contest. Oh, and leave a comment so they know to throw you in the magic contest hat. Prizes include, Premium WordPress themes, a custom twitter background, business card design, 1 year membership to PSD Tuts and much, much more. Oh, and the dollar you donate goes to charity.
  • WordPress SEO – The Definitive Guide to High Rankings for Your Blog – Yoast has a comprehensive guide on optimizing WordPress for Search Engines. Everything from permalinks to altering the blog’s structure is discussed. After reading this I changed my permalinks and installed the Redirection Plugin.
  • The WordPress Help Sheet WP Candy created a pdf that you can download with a list of the basic template files and common used php snippets.
  • New at (Anti) Social Development – If you are a frequent visitor (I know I have a couple), you have noticed some changes. I removed some pages from my header navigation and added some others. The sidebars, header and footer are also different depending on which page you are on. I will write about this in more detail this week but, for now, let’s just say I’m open for business.

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  1. Kim Woodbridge says

    @Mike – Thanks! Well, maybe you should make the 61 things you’ve learned before your next birthday ;-) It was funny in July when Mark and I realized we were only one day apart. And that WordPress SEO article is the best I’ve found so far. It’s comprehensive and not too hard to understand.

    @Vered – Thanks! I had help with a lot of the new text. I still don’t trust that RSS chicklet. Yesterday it was 73, it went down to 58 and is now back to 63. I find it hard to believe that 15 people are subscribing and unsubscribing. It is better, though, than the 38 I was stuck at for quite some time.

  2. Kim Woodbridge says

    HI Mark – Thanks! I really wish I had read your article when you first wrote it.

    And Train for Humanity is a great cause!

  3. Kim Woodbridge says

    Hi Sommer!

    That is a really helpful cheat sheet. WP Candy is a good site to keep an eye on because they frequently release such useful resources.

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