Favorite Photo Meme

Blackberry Girl (by kwbridge)

Well, Tara Cain is at again because she’s also tagged me in the favorite photo meme.

I’ve thought about this quite a bit because I used my favorite photo in a post about my grandmother almost a year ago. I wasn’t sure if I should use it again or select my second favorite.

Ultimately, I decided to reuse the photo. It’s been my favorite since I took it over 20 years ago and probably will always be my favorite. If I were to pick a second favorite, it would have to be one of my daughter, like the photo above, but I don’t think I could decide.

I loved my Grandmother a lot. More than most anyone I’ve known. She’s been gone for 21 years now but I think about it her almost everyday.

I love this photo because I loved her, because she looks mischievous and happy, and because her grandma dress matches the raspberries she is picking.

The photo of my daughter with the blackberry bushes at the top was taken at my brother’s house – it’s the same house that my grandmother lived in. The raspberry bushes are no longer there (raspberries are A LOT of work) so the blackberries were the next best thing to photograph.

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    • says

      Hi Tara – Funny, I don’t think of the photo as old but I guess now it is :-)

      I’m so glad I took and still have this photo. Actually, my Mom made a bunch of copies at one time and a lot of family members have it.

    • says

      Hi Rick – Thanks! And it’s great to hear that you felt the same about your grandmother. I loved my Moms too but grandparents that you are close too are different – I never argued with my grandmother or was at odds with her the way that I was with my Mom at times.

      And it amazes me after all this time that she still pops into my head daily.

  1. says

    I love both photos – such a great link between the generations! The mood in both photos is very tangible. Makes me think of summers when I was a kid :)
    .-= Radrenalynn´s last blog ..Confessions =-.

    • says

      Hi Adrenlynn – Thanks! I’m so glad my brother kept the house after my Mom passed away. I have such great memories there and it’s a wonderful place to go visit to get away from the city.

  2. Jannie Funster says

    I loved both my grandmothers too, one gone 25 years now, the other almost 40. I look forward to being a grand ma some day, I think it’ll be very very special. But hopefully not for 20 years, or so!

    Both such sweet photos!
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Gratitude =-.

    • says

      Hi Jannie- I haven’t even thought about being a grandmother yet!

      I didn’t know my Dad’s side of the family very well so I wasn’t close to that grandma.


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