How Twitter Can Assist You With Your Job Search

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A couple of months ago I wrote about how to find freelance work on twitter. This article is similar but different. I am going to discuss how you can use twitter to assist in your job search. This isn’t for freelance work but is for regular job searches. When I started researching this article I was amazed at the number of resources I found – I didn’t expect there to be so much out there.

Not only will this article contain individuals and job search sites to follow but will also include online job searching resources that have a presence on twitter.

And I think that since the economy is totally falling apart that we can use every advantage when searching for a new position.

Job Search Databases Designed for Twitter

  1. TwitHire – is a job posting board that also posts to twitter. You can search for jobs on the website and you can also follow @twithire to receive notifications of new postings. If you have an available position, you can post it here as well.
  2. Job Shouts – is the free job board that tweets. You can search the job board and follow @jobshouts on twitter. More types of jobs are available then on twithire. I’ve been following for my research and a lot of jobs are sent through twitter. I would love to be able to filter them by location.

Search on JobTip Hashtag

  1. #jobtip – You can search on the #jobtip hashtag to find all the latest tweets containing, yes you guessed it, job tips.

Job Postings and Resources to Follow on Twitter

  1. – Jobs for Web and Creative Professionals
  2. – “ includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages – and we continue to add new sites every day.”
  3. – Jobs for Librarians
  4. – Medical Job Postings
  5. – Career Advice and Discussions
  6. – Job Search Database
  7. – Jobs in Social Media
  8. – Aggregates all WordPress related jobs into a single feed.
  9. – Web Design and other Graphics Jobs
  10. – Work at Home Mom Job Leads – Please note that most of these jobs are pulled from Freelance bidding sites such as Get A Freelancer. Some of the jobs are good and others are really really bad.
  11. – A tech job aggregator
  12. – The twitter stream for LinkUp, a job search engine that searches posting on company websites.
  13. – Seasonal job listings for places like Yosemite.
  14. – More social media job listings
  15. – Listings for jobs in the music industry
  16. – A pay it forward type of movement where you help one person find a job.
  17. – Helping laid off media professionals locate new positions.
  18. Mobile Web and Digital Media positions in the Silicon Valley

Job Searching Advice

  1. – Job Search Advice
  2. – Online Job Search Resource
  3. – Job Search Guide
  4. – Online Recruiter
  5. – Author of Dig Your Job

Just for Fun

  1. – Poking fun at silly things found on resumes and job applications.

Do you have any twitter job resources to add to this list? Do you think Twitter can be a useful tool for job hunting?

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  1. says

    Great stuff. Thanks so much. I am out of work, and I have been trying to find resources on Twitter to help with my search. This post is one of those “right place, right time” things for me.

    • says

      Hi Kathy – Thank you for visiting and commenting! When I started
      doing the research I was surprised at how many resources
      I found and seems that more are being added all the time.

    • says

      Hi Tracy – Thanks! Yes, it’s a great place to post jobs too. Some of of the resources I listed – especially the first two are good places
      to post positions. Or just tweet it and people will retweet and someone
      will be found for the job. Unless, of course, you are looking for phone
      psychics ;-) Actually, you might find people for that.

      • says

        Phone psychics are so 1990s, I need a Twitter psychic.

        I was thinking that it might be a great way to get word of mouth recommendations. I was actually thinking of seeing if anyone on Twitter in my area knew a good babysitter.

        It’s like the old timey community bulletin board!

        Tracy´s last blog post – Is racism the new n-word?

    • says

      Hi Shirley – I was really surprised by the number of resources I found.

      It does stink that there aren’t more jobs :( I am hopeful that resources
      like this will help though.

  2. says

    Pretty long list you have Kim. twitter is almost like a must-have channel for almost all online/offline business these days. Though it forms probably only a small percentage of the total business, it is still significant (I heard DELL had something like 10mn business from twitter last year)

    Definitely for online job searches as you mentioned here, this % will be even more. Thanks for these twitter to-follow list.

    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post – SEO – Link Building Series: Keyword Research & Optimization (for Short & Midterm traffic boost)

    • says

      Hi Ajith – What’s nice for twitter users is a lot of the jobs being posted are from job sites and for companies that aren’t on twitter. It occured to me last night, however, that this list may be very U.S.-centric and that maybe I should make a note of that.

  3. says

    excellent resources kim, i’m going to have to spend some more time a little later going through them. will digg or stumble. thanks.

  4. says

    That’s a great list of resources. It’s getting easier to find job sources though there are also a lot more people with access to them now. At least if you’re on the Internet. Tweeting is also a great way to make friends and connections in your field. Never hurts for seekers.

    Gennaro´s last blog post – 8 Great Movies For Paris Travelers

    • says

      Hi Gennaro – Thanks! It helps that there are more and more resources
      but I do often wonder what is out there for those who don’t have
      internet access – they probably need the resources the most.

  5. says

    It is amazing how many sites have popped up to make using Twitter easier! That’s a great additional tip. It is great to keep up with the conversations and to have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people on Twitter!

  6. says

    Twitter gets more and more complex as the time goes by. Right now every week I hear of someone new using twitter for something completely weird. Searching for a job is actualy a very useful idea, thanks for those links.

  7. says

    I think that someone needs a job to find it.
    I know many people who want to work will always work. And I do not want anyone to not find.
    Any help is good. Thank you for this.

    • says

      Hi Jan – Thanks that is very useful. Does it depend on Pipes to run? Do you ever run into issues with Twitter not being available when you want to run the pipe. I’ve had problems with it in the past but twitter wasn’t as stable back then as it is now.

      Also, is there any way to make a RSS feed from the searches?

  8. says

    Kim, so far we neither had issues with pipes nor with twitter. Sometimes pipes reacts a little slower though. Later today we’ll come out with an improved version which integrates the results in the site itself, so that you don’t have to switch tabs in order to run a new search. We’re also working on the possibility to make the search results available for subscription via RSS. I’ll let you know once we got it sorted.

    Jan Kirchner´s last blog post – Jobsuchmaschine für Twitter (alpha)

  9. says

    I’ve had so many good working relationships come out of Twitter in the past year. It’s truly amazing. Sometime even when you’re not looking something comes along and someone mentions you, recommends you, asks you if you could something. Yay for Twitter!


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