New Facebook Custom Tab for (Anti) Social Development that Uses WordPress

I’ve wanted to update the custom Facebook landing tab for (Anti) Social Development for quite some time. It’s one of those things that keeps getting put off, however, because I’m always working on other people’s sites and Facebook pages.

Since I had been thinking more than doing, I came up with a plan for using WordPress to provide the content so I could have dynamic content, such as recent posts, and even utilize some of the plugins.

Since a Facebook iframe application uses an iframe to pull in an existing page, I am using an iframe here to pull in the same page so you can view it right here as well as on Facebook.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to go through the steps I followed to create this and have WordPress manage the content for the custom tab.

To create something similar, you will need to be comfortable with the following:

  1. Using FTP
  2. Editing WordPress Templates
  3. Editing CSS
  4. Creating and editing a html page
  5. Making an iframe application
  6. Know what SSL is

I am pleased with how the page turned out although it took longer than expected because some of the parts stumped me for a bit. I also think that there is too much dynamic content being pulled from WordPress that is then being pulled to Facebook, which makes the page slow. I will probably need to remove some of the elements.

If you are interested in having a custom Facebook page built using WordPress, please contact me for a quote.

The Facebook Page


Read Using WordPress for a Custom Facebook Page – Step 1: Make a WordPress Page Template

photo credit: romulusnr

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  1. Liz Schneider says

    This looks really, really cool and I have a couple of clients who blog frequently and would love me to set this up for them. I will try it on my own first and if it is beyond my abilities, I will refer them to you, Kim.

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