Social Media Marketing Best Practice – Article Round-Up

Little League Practice (by parl)

A couple of weeks ago I participated in Mitch Joel’s Social Media Marketing Best Practice Meme and wrote about reflect. I thought it was time to gather all of the entries that I have found so far and share them will all of you. If I was more motivated I would work them all into an awesome essay, but I just don’t have it in me right now. Please, if you know of any that I have missed, let me know and I will add them to the list.

The articles are in no particular order other than how I located them in my online bookmarks.

I am sure there are many, many more that I have missed. So, as I mentioned at the beginning, please let me know and I will add them.

photo credit: parl

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  1. Kim Woodbridge says

    @Rebecca – You’re welcome. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I was really happy to find another female participant.

    @Andy – I’ll add Erhan’s 4 points, I guess. It isn’t exactly a blog posting. And are you referring to Friendfeed in general or the social media room?

  2. Kim Woodbridge says

    @Ari – Oh fine – tell the world about that one. I could say the same to you about twitter ;-) I talked to a friend about participating and she convinced me that it did fall within my subject area.

    You could also look at my compilation as a lazy posting day ;-)

  3. says

    I meant FriendFeed in general, there’s a lot of users and rooms nowadays so it’s easy to find a niche for your blog and get good, targeted traffic.

    Erhan’s contribution showed an interesting aspect of social media use – there’s no longer one homepage per person. Our internet presences are spread over many sites so people no longer feel the need for a site of their own, I guess.

  4. Kim Woodbridge says

    @Andy – Thanks for the clarification. And for the friendfeed tips earlier.

    @Max – Thanks! That has been added.

    @Jacob – You’re welcome! And don’t get me started with soccer. I’ll talk about that over social media any day. Though I am a total soccer newbie.

  5. Kim Woodbridge says

    @Avani – Hi! I hope you enjoy the articles. I made some new friends participating in this project – hopefully you will too.

    And if you are at all interested in the topic feel free to submit your own – we need more female participants :-)

  6. Kim Woodbridge says


    I’m not really sure how I got involved with social media either. Ari tagged me to write the article. I do use twitter quite a bit but otherwise I’m certainly not into marketing.

    It seems, however, to be a hot topic that draws quite a few visitors.

  7. Kim Woodbridge says

    Hi Kristi – You’re welcome. I hope people tell us about more of them. I’m sure there’s a lot more out there.

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