Video Highlights of the Upcoming Features in WordPress 2.9

Highlights (by joelogon)

Recently I wrote about some of the upcoming features in WordPress 2.9

So, since I know how to party over a holiday weekend, I decided to install the WordPress 2.9 beta version on my test server and take a look at some of these new features.

I was going to take a ton of screenshots and write another article, but I decided it would be more fun to make a video instead.

So enjoy my voice and listening to me trying to talk fast so I could fit everything in within 5 minutes.

My friend Jim that I used to work in tech support with said that I’m using my tech support voice in the video. I must have been an awesome tech support rep ;-)

photo credit: joelogon

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  1. Jim says

    Totally in tech support voice. :-)

    You did a really great job with the video.

    Love the picture. That guy looks like he doesn’t know what hit him.

    • says

      Hi Jim – I don’t know what’s different between my tech support voice and my regular voice though. My guess is that I sound friendlier in my tech support voice ;-) (And I don’t swear).

      Yeah – that guy looks miserable.

  2. says

    Usually you have drag kicking and screaming to these type of videos, but I loved this one. You have a great voice. You sound Canadian…there’s a lift at the end of some of your sentences:~)

    I honestly didn’t know about some of these features and will have to check them out, especially the media ones. I use a lot of media in my post. What what I saw on the screen and what you said, it looks much easier in 2.9.

    So, this was fun. Thanks:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Picture Story: Picture Quotes =-.

    • says

      Hi Sara – I’m a little like that with videos too – usually I would rather read than watch.

      I’m not Canadian though – I’ve lived all over the US though so maybe I have a mish-mash accent.

      I think 2.9 will have some good features.

    • says

      Hi Donace – That’s nice. And I didn’t even know about that one – just came across it by accident. The only issue I see is if there is a conflict problem it could be a little harder to track down what’s causing the problem.

  3. says

    I am a HUGE fan of tutorial/explanation videos. Sure, they can be a little dry sometimes, but there is no other possible way to pack in so much information in a such a short time.

    That being said, I loved the video, Kim. And as for tech support voice…I’m going to vote for sexy – customer support voice. Easy to listen to and the information is succinct and easy to follow.

    I vote for MORE video tutorials from you Kim!

    Oh, and I like the changes in the new version, too.
    .-= Rick Castellini´s last blog ..Learn how to use new maximize method in Windows 7 – Video Tip =-.

    • says

      Hi Rick – I need to practice. The first time I made it it was almost perfect and I had it on mute. By the time I recorded this one I didn’t care about my error and wasn’t about to do it again.

      Hmm … maybe that’s way the customers liked me and the manager didn’t ;-)



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