What Do You Do With All the Halloween Candy?

Every year we get way too much candy from trick or treating. I don’t want my daughter to eat that much candy and I don’t really care for sweets (I’d rather have chips and salsa). Last year when Christmas rolled around we still had Halloween candy. So, I’ve been wondering what to do with it so we don’t have quite so much.


When I worked in an office I used to bring about half the candy into work. People go wild for free food in pretty much any office setting and the junkier it is the better. I think I was almost injured in a pizza stampede one time ;-) But, I haven’t worked in an office for 1.5 years now so that isn’t a too much candy solution.

This is my largest glass bowl – the one I don’t like to use because it’s too heavy to lift – and it’s stuffed full of candy.

When I was a kid my Mom didn’t really supervise how much Halloween candy I had or when I could eat. As far as I can remember, I kept the collection in my room and ate it whenever I felt like it. I am, however, hoping that my kid will have better teeth than I do. Actually, I’m hoping that all of you have better teeth than I do… So, I want to control how much she eats and when she eats it even though it’s very tempting to just say, “let’s have candy for dinner”.


  1. John Haydon told me that in addition to the tooth fairy, the Halloween fairy also visits his house. Candy is traded for cash ;-) The problem I see with this solution is that my kid would then use the money to buy … candy. lol
  2. Someone else suggested that I give some of the candy to my mail carrier. And that’s a good idea – I really like mine and he’s a super nice guy. When my doorbell was stolen last year (yes, apparently people will steal anything) he would yell up to my window, “Kim, you have a package.” or “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.” I don’t, however, know the best way to catch him – he doesn’t come at the same time everyday and I don’t have the patience to sit and watch for him.
  3. I could save the best of the candy for the kid’s Christmas stocking. Knowing me I would stash it somewhere and then forget all about it for 5 years. ;-)

So, do any of you have too much candy solutions? As much as I enjoy cooking I don’t think a sweet tart or gummy thumb casserole will be on the menu anytime soon.

I know this song is about a completely different kind of candy but it’s been stuck in my head while writing this post. Oh the silly songs from the 80’s.

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  1. says

    Hi Kim,
    Our local dentist is the one who give must candy to the kids every Halloween and also at the three Kings 6 January, can that call marketing or get more clients?

  2. says

    Hey Kim,

    The best solution I’ve herd is giving them to the troops in a program called “the Halloween Candy Buy-Back program”. The way it works is participating dentists buy back kids’ Halloween candy at a scheduled event, then the dentists send the candy to Operation Gratitude or other Military support groups. Operation Gratitude sends the candy to U.S. Military deployed in harm’s way. I think its a great way to put that extra candy to good use.


    • says

      I heard about this program in the news… so it’s OK for soldiers to get cavities and not children? And the soldiers end up giving it to the locals in Iraq… The program has good intentions, dun get me wrong, but it’s all twisted.

      • says

        Hi Henway – I don’t think it’s a good idea. Just the cost in energy to ship candy around the world is an inefficient use of the candy. To me it would make more sense to visit the nearby VA and distribute the candy there.

  3. says

    Oop… I see Neil beat me too it, so I’ll just echo the sentiment that sending the excess candy to the troops overseas is a great way to say “thank you” and to solve your problem. Remember that packages heading overseas can take a long while to get there, so seal the candy up in freezer bags or use a Seal-A-Meal type package to help it retain its freshness.

  4. Rebecca says

    We have our children pick 5 of their favorite pieces of candy to keep. Then they place the rest of their candy bag by the fireplace for the Great Pumpkin. During the night, Great Pumpkin comes to take the candy and replaces it with a small gift. It was a BIG success in our house.

  5. says

    I usually throw it away! But have you considered giving it to a women’s battered shelter? It’s not the best thing to hand out to kids but if you are having to hide out with your mom because some guy is beating her, I’m sure the comfort of something sweet to eat would bring comfort, albeit temporary and shallow.

  6. says

    My kids get to eat a small piece of candy or chocolate every night after dinner. So after Halloween, they simply have a bigger selection to choose from… it usually takes them a couple of months to finish it all. I help occasionally. ;)

  7. Sarah Garrity says

    Take the candy to your child’s school and ask them to put it out for teachers in the teacher’s lounge. I can tell you that they enjoy a sweet treat during their very busy days!.

  8. says

    I’d just like to say one thing – my good friend Jesse was completely deprived of candy when he was a kid. His parents wouldn’t let him eat it. Now’s he eats it whenever he can (he’s 24) and he gets cavities non-stop. Just a caveat…

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