WordPress 2.9.2 Released: Security Release for Trash

20080420-7 (by kwbridge)

You may have noticed the WordPress update in your WordPress admin for version 2.9.2.

This is a security release but isn’t one to worry about unless you have multiple authors on your blog and particularly if anyone is allowed to register as an author.

And it can be an issue if you leave “sensitive” posts in the trash, which is a new feature of the WordPress 2.9 series.

Basically any logged in user can view posts left in the trash. Even posts that they didn’t write.

And if this will be an issue for you, then you definitely want to install the patch as soon as you can.

I am the only user on this site so I’m the only one who can view the trash or any deleted posts. I will install the update but I don’t see it as an issue on my own site.


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  1. Sparklyscotty says

    Thanks for explaining the update. I always keep my blogs on the latest versión but it’s great to know what each release deals with.

    • says

      Hi – Sometimes the updates are for a number of issues and I don’t
      always understand what they are all for – this one was one issue and wasn’t hard to understand.

  2. says

    I recently Started blogging and when I install WordPress my hosting installed 2.9.1 instead of 2.9.2.
    And I had to manually upgrade the wordpress to the latest version. though it was not tough though initially I thought of it as quite scary.

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