WordPress 2.8 Release Contest

Release! (by Destinys Agent)

WordPress 2.8 will be released today (maybe) and I thought we should celebrate with another super easy contest to win a free upgrade.

Yeah, yeah – I know the auto-upgrade works for everyone but me and three of my friends so if you don’t want the upgrade you can have an hour of my remote time. I’ll do some customizations, add some plugins, make recommendations, optimize and backup your database, or implement other tweaks and features.

But it can’t take more than an hour.

If you would like to enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment below saying you would like to be entered.

It would be awesome if you also joined my facebook group or sent a tweet about this contest using the button below but it’s not required.

And just like last time, everyone who enters wins! Well, sort of. All other contest entrants will win 10% of any of my services. Yay, right?

The contest will run for one week and end on June 17th. All entries will be placed in a hat or some sort of container and the winning name will be drawn by my daughter and announced on June 24th. The winner and other entrants have until July 31, 2009 to schedule the project.

Here are some of the sites that I’ve worked on before.

[nggallery id=2 template=caption]


So let’s celebrate WordPress 2.8, my kid’s upcoming 7th birthday, and heck, even my birthday, which will be next month.

Thanks for playing :-)

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  1. says

    Please enter me, and then pick me! I’ve got the auto-upgrade, but if you pick me to win I promise I’ll let you do freaky-cool stuff with our blog! And then I promise to let you talk about it, promote your business, whatever reciprocal thing we dream up! Not that it should improve my chances or anything…but I thought I’d mention all that right away! Because, you just never know. Please? LOL

    Betsy Wuebker´s last blog post – FROM THE ROAD: INTO THE YUKON

  2. says

    Since you just finished working on my site, I’ll hang back and let someone else win. Of course, if the upgrade goes badly, as it has in the past, I may be calling on you anyway. :-)

    Dot´s last blog post – Happy Birthday to Us

  3. says

    I just visited wordpress website and did some search, they have released wordpress 2.8 but they called it “candidate-1 ” you can see it here: http://wordpress.org/development/2009/06/wordpress-2-8-release-candidate-1/.
    It is like a beta release I think they want people to check for bugs and looking for feedbacks than may a formal one will come out. Digging it now, and find a good article here : http://clintmaher.com/wordpress/seven-reasons-why-wordpress-28-is-better-than-ever/.

    Chinese Girl´s last blog post – Photo Zhuhai Pearl Amusement Park

    • says

      Well the process of releasing software most of the times follows the scheme: alpha (1,2, etc) -> beta (1,2 etc) -> release candidate (1,2 etc) -> final – stable.
      Alpha mostly means unstable/unpredictable with much of the functionality even missing. Beta means it has most of the functionality (if not all) and it has bugs. Release candidate means it is most likely to be released that way but they are still looking for some hidden bugs. Hope this clarifies things…

      stratosg´s last blog post – Member Of The Month: May

  4. says

    Sounds like a sweet contest…could use a critical eye over my setup…the backend is very unefficent…have to start applying more of what I preach(ed)

    Donace´s last blog post – Parasite hosting

  5. Jeff says

    Hi Kim,

    Please enter me in the contest. I would love to utilize your services for free if I win, but I still will utilize your services if I don’t ;=)

  6. says

    Thanks for the email Kim – count me in. I’ve already figured out the install and theme change. Diggin around – will be contacting you soon I’m sure.

    Thanks again!

  7. says

    Thanks for this wonderful contest! Love you work so would be nice to win an hour of your time ;~D Have a great week!!!


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