14 Flickr Plugins for WordPress

"I don't care about Flickr" said my cat (by www.patriciawillocq.com)

I really like Flickr for photo sharing and to find photos with Creative Commons licenses to use in my blog posts.

There are also a lot of fun Flickr groups on pretty much any topic that you can think of.

So, since so many of us use Flickr I decided to list some of the best Flickr plugins for WordPress.



  1. MudSlideShow – This plugin will create a photo gallery in a post, page or Widget. It can be used with Flickr and Picasa photos. The gallery is not automatically updated when new photos are added to Flickr or Picasa so the gallery will need to be updated manually.
  2. Flickr Digest – This plugin will create a post with all of your photos uploaded to Flickr in a specified time period.
  3. suiFlickr – Easily add your flickr photos to blog posts.
  4. Flickr Photos – This plugin makes it easy to display your photos on your site. It also allows you to display and group or public photos.
  5. Flickr Mini Gallery – Embed a gallery from any Flickr account or group.
  6. FlickrAPI – Easily display Flickr photos by set, user, favorite, group and public streams.
  7. Live Flickr Comment Importer – This plugin will import comments on a Flickr photo to the WordPress post of your choice.
  8. Fidgetr – This is a widget that will display the latest photos from your Flickr photostream.
  9. flickr-slideshow-wrapper – Another plugin to add a slideshow to your blog from one of your Flickr sets.
  10. flickpress – Adds a button to the post editor to make it easier to locate Flickr photos for your blog posts.
  11. FancyFlickr – Another plugin that will display your photos in a styled array.
  12. Flickrpress – This plugin contains a widget and shortcode function to display photos in the sidebar and within posts.
  13. Tylr Slidr – This plugin adds a button to the toolbar in the visual editor to make it easier to add a flickr photo to your blog post.
  14. Flickr Gallery – A plugin that will facilitate using a shortcode to add flickr photos to your WordPress photos.

photo credit: www.patriciawillocq.com

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  1. Shiva says

    You know, I dont have a flikr account but I am starting to think I should. I take a lot of shots in the little woods beside the house and the wildlife around. Thanks for this list, Im going to bookmark it and follow up

    • says

      Hi Shiva – I don’t remember why I first started mine but I’ve had it for awhile. I take a lot of photos with my phone and like their text feature to upload photos.

    • says

      Hi Rick – I haven’t tried them all. I searched for the ones that were updated recently, compatible with 2.9.2 and had good ratings. It also depends on what you want to do. Some are good for sidebar widgets and others for photo galleries.

  2. says

    I love Flickr!
    Often, I just imbed the html code from the photo after I add it to Flickr instead of uploading directly from WordPress. ( I just click on the “all sizes” button and it gives me the code )
    Didn’t know about some of these, thanks for sharing!
    .-= Rail Life´s last blog ..Through the window, I see cuts =-.

  3. says

    Flickr plugins have been very useful in our real estate business. We’ll take photos of a home, and the neighborhood of the home, and use the Flickr images in our listing presentations. Geo-tagging the photos seems to help in generating traffic.
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Kennewick Real Estate =-.

  4. says

    Cool! I really love flickr as well, and thing they have a great deal of things to offer! I like the picture with the cute white cat above. What’s he doing exactly? Having a religious ceremony?
    .-= Francis´s last blog ..Chef Knife Sets =-.


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