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3 Ways to Add “Dummy” Content When Developing a WordPress Site


One of the tedious parts of developing a brand new WordPress site is making posts and pages to determine if the layout is working properly. This is especially true when it’s a magazine style layout based on categories filling the different sections. Some posts might be image based, some might be videos and others plain text.

Sometimes the client already has the content but frequently the content will come after the design.

Here are three different ways to add “dummy” content to a new WordPress site.

The manual method

Many times I’ve made the posts and pages manually, added images and whatnot and then used the lorem ipsum generator for fake content. It’s tedious but can be done quickly if your focus. And since I’m a morning person it’s one of those tasks I will save for the afternoon when my brain isn’t quite so sharp.

Two mock content plugins

  1. WP Dummy Content – This plugin will auto-generate posts, pages and sub-pages based on your specifications. For example, you can tell it to make 3 posts in the Featured category dated one week apart. I did find, however, that there had to be a post in a category for the category to be available in the selection dropdown. Before doing that the only choice was uncategorized because the default Hello World post is in that category. You can also specifiy the type and length of content. Another great feature is that all dummy content can be deleted by the plugin with just one click. This plugin says it’s compatible up to version 2.8.3 of WordPress but it worked great for me in version 3.0
  2. Demo Data Creator – This plugin creates more data than WP Dummy Content and also works with BuddyPress and WPMU. Data that can be created includes; users, categories, posts, pages and links. The text content is generated from lorem ipsum. I don’t know if this plugin has a delete all like the other one as I have not personally tested it.

How do you add content to a site in development?

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