5 Simple and Minimal WordPress Themes

Minimal Duck (by origami_madness)

Previously, I’ve done two sets of simple WordPress themes; 5 Simple WordPress Themes and 10 More Simple WordPress Themes. Since a lot of people seem to appreciate the minimalism of them, I decided to showcase 5 more that I have found over the last month or so.

Sometimes, I think I would like to make the look of this site simpler but I’m not sure what I would remove.


Simple Things in Life





photo credit: origami_madness

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        • says

          Absolutely – it’s just any customization beyond what it comes with requires writing a function. I work on Thesis quite a bit but when I don’t for awhile I feel like I need to relearn it :-)

  1. Lisa says

    Hi! Just downloaded WP-theme “white press 1.0) and it seems not complete? Something is missing, it doesnt work. Great themes by the way!! Take Care!

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