(Anti) Social-Lists 2/15/09

The Mid-February List includes Ebook Readers, Page Hacks for WordPress comments, 2.7.1 auto upgrade woes, social icons, and OMG Joaquin.

  • Will the Kindle Save the Rain Forests – greenLAgirl discusses the new Kindle and whether digital readers are more environmentally friendly.
  • 30 Most Wanted WordPress Comments Hacks – Here is a list of 30 ways to modify your WordPress comments form. Now you can muck around with the code and do all sorts of things that you never even knew you wanted to do.

  • Troubleshooting the WordPress 2.7.1 Upgrade
    – I haven’t mentioned this yet but 2.7.1 was released this week. If you are already running 2.7, you now have access to the built in auto-upgrade feature. This, however, has not been smooth sailing for everyone and this article assists in troubleshooting the most frequent problems. I will stand by my position that manually upgrading is still the best way to upgrade.
  • Free Dark Beveled Social Icons I came across this free pack of Social Icons this week and thought they looked pretty cool. Won’t go with everyone’s site but with some they would like great.
  • Create Your Own Popular Posts Page – Another WordPress tutorial with instructions on how to create your own popular posts page.
  • And I’m a little concerned about Joaquin Phoenix … do you think he’s totally messed up or that this is just a joke?

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  1. says

    Thanks for the list Kim. :-)

    I think Joaquin is in character. I’m not quite sure what the character is supposed to be but I think its an act. At least I hope its an act.

    Thanks for the Kindle article too. I’m intrigued by the kindle but the price and fact that I don’t really read multiple books at a time don’t really justify it for me.

    Jim´s last blog post – Awareness Test

    • says

      Hi Jim – I’m really hoping that Joaquin is putting on an act – I thought that clip got almost as uncomfortable as Crispin Glover.

      There’s a lot I like about the kindle but I’m not ready to give up on printed books. I don’t feel too guilty about the waste either because I pretty much only by used books.

    • says

      Hi Carla – I really hope it was a joke too. Part of me thinks so because Casey Affleck has been filming everything he has been doing lately since he said he was giving up his acting career.

      Even more disturbing is Joaquin rapping – you can find videos of it on youtube.

  2. says

    Thanks Kim! You always have the best links.

    Can I ask you a stupid question? The big green thing at the bottom of your page with the links and tags and readers? What is that called? I like it and am thinking of including one in my blog redesign but I don’t know what to look for!

    I might just copy your design but make it pink instead of green so you won’t be mad at me.

    Tracy´s last blog post – One can’t very well blog when one is sick, can one?

    • says

      Hi Tracy – It’s the footer – footer.php The entire thing is wrapped in a class that is pulling an image, which is the green part, and each block has another class that defines it’s size.

      And thanks for liking the design! I don’t think the footer is helpful from an SEO perspective but I like the way that it looks.

  3. says

    “Creating popular pages ” is a good tutorial, I have been using a plugin which counts each posts read and show most viewed posts only problem of that plugin is it enters huge information to the database I believe one day it will increase loading time of the site, counting comments seems better option.

    Chinese Girl´s last blog post – Wuyi Ramada Hotel

  4. says

    I’m really concerned that there are times I just can’t get sound out of Youtube videos. I can hear my iTunes and other sites, just not Youtube, and it’s only sometimes.

    Back to the point, I think it is supposedly an act, something to do with an upcoming movie project. That or he is having an early mid-life crisis, which would be sad.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography´s last blog post – The Return of Sleep Paralysis

    • says

      Hi Kristi – I occassionally have the same problem with
      youtube videos. I don’t know the exact cause but I think
      there may be a conflict with another audio program. If I’m using
      the other program and then youtube, the youtube sound doesn’t work.
      I usually have to reboot for the problem to be corrected.

      I do hope that what Joaquin is doing is just an act.

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