(Anti) Social Lists 5/23/10

Another week. Another week. The are spinning by so fast it’s become time to do this post and I don’t have any new links yet. I haven’t given up doing these lists … yet. ;-)

I’ve got Facebook, WordPress, Consuming, Mt St. Helens and more.

It's Time!

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    Hi Kim! Thanks for the How To Know A Good Fan on Facebook link – I needed something like that.

    Never surrender!

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    You’re so helpful, this is a swell (and varied) list — something for everyone, don’t beat yourself up over how fast the week passes before you’ve had a chance to built the list of your dreams… just two or three links that you like as you go through your week is a swell treat.

    So pleased to see your feed in my inbox, just had to come back to the site to let you know. (And if you’ve seen my twitter stream you’ll know I’m not a stalker, just an old broad who likes to make sure the good ones get the support they deserve.)

    Thanks ~ !

    .-= @TheGirlPie´s last blog ..TheGirlPie: @outspokenmedia Ooh! Had to get back on to say: Very smart "thanks for commenting" page — swell tool, girls ~ ! =-.

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      Hi – I’m glad you liked the lists.

      For awhile I had so many links I was able to do these in advance. Lately, that hasn’t been happening.

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    One of your best lists yet. a little of this a little of that.

    “10 Sites Developers Should Have in Their Bookmarks” One of the best lists I’ve seen….great find!

    “If life was like a 8 bit video game” lol!

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