(Anti) Social-Lists 6/14/09

As with many of my posts, this one has been done in advance. While this is being published and you are starting to stop by and read it, I am still in the midst of the slumber party. I might need extra recovery time ;-)

This week we have WordPress, IE6 hacks, a lot of humor, and more … Where’s my coffee?

  • Geek Chart – I found this one via my friend David Bradley. Put in your usernames from the social networks you belong to and get a pie chart telling you which ones you are most active on. Surprisingly, I was most active on delicious – I bookmark a lot but I thought twitter or my website would be first. You don’t have to create an account to use this tool although the site makes it look as if you do.
  • 30 Sites Every Freelance Should Visit and Utilize – An awesome list of resources for freelancers. I haven’t gotten through all of it but I plan to.
  • Using Custom Taxonomies to Create a Movie Database – Custom Taxonomies are going to be used mostly by developers in WordPress 2.8. I understood them theoretically but was really please to see a practical use of them. I would like to try this with a video game database.
  • 24,504 Reasons to Burn Books – A really funny look at really crappy self-help books.
  • Why Wait Buy Now – Valerie might not be a celebrity but you can buy all kinds of her crap from Vbay ;-) I’ve got dibs on the remaining show from the monster chase.
  • 10 Properties that “were” impossible to implement in IE6 – Ask any developer or designer how she feels about IE 6 and I bet you get a really negative response. Here’s a list of workarounds for things that we didn’t think could be done in that “browser”.
  • Poke My Name – All kinds of fun and silly facts about your name. Ever wanted to see your name as a barcode? Seriously, who hasn’t?
  • People Who Need Pupa Are The Pluckiest People The Original Gross Lady is back in her kitchen cooking disgusting things, photgraphing it and then making her brother eat it. He’s a brave man.
  • Karate Cat
  • The Kitten and the Couch
  • Hammer Pants Dance – The Best Flash Mob Ever

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  1. says

    Awesome, I’ve always wanted to know which other names are arithmetically compatible with mine!
    I love the book-burning article too – how in the world did these books actually get published?

    • says

      Hi Adrenalynn – The advice in those self help books is really funny. And
      that someone went through those books and pulled out all of that info.

  2. Jim says

    Awesome list, Kim!

    The self help article was REALLY funny. And I love karate cat.

    I’m not going to comment on the Hammer dance. ;-)

  3. says

    Thanks for the link to “10 Properties that “were” impossible to implement in IE6”, as many others I hate IE6, but many of the visitors to my site still using it so I have to take extra steps to make sure web elements works fine for them too.

    Chinese Girl´s last blog post – Photo Wuhan Guiyuan Temple

  4. says

    I dislike Poke my name immensely after getting this message:

    “We couldn’t find name SIEL in our database which has 74,738 names that are compiled from 702,203 Americans. Have you spelled it correctly?”

    Why must name-related sites always treat me this way!? :P

    Siel´s last blog post – Clicklist: Rescuing cities from suburbia

    • says

      Hi Siel – I bet it’s like that with anything personalized like fridge magnets ;-) What does Siel mean in English?

      When I was a kid I used to have a hard time finding Kim – the assumption is that your name is Kimberly – and my parents named me Kim.

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