My Timelines – Cut and Paste Timelines for Blog

My Timelines allows you to create an Ajax based interactive timeline, from almost any RSS feed, that can be embedded on your website.

  1. Input the RSS feed
  2. Set the display style, font, width and height
  3. Click on the Get Code. You will see a preview of your timeline so changes can be made before copying the code.
  4. There are two pieces of code. The first needs to go into the header of your html code. Basically this means anywhere before the tag.
  5. The second piece of code goes where you want the timeline to be displayed
  6. The timeline can be moved right and left by click holding and dragging.
  7. **Update 8/21/08 – My timeline is currently offline. I was having an issue with the javascript slowing down my site. Hopefully, I will bring it back soon.

    Powered by My Timelines

    This timeline was created from the RSS feed from my videogame tumblr, From the Hip. Each item can be clicked and a mini pop-up box will provide more information about the entry. If you would like to view the full posting, image, or video, each pop-up box provides a link to the full entry.

    A timeline could also be effectively used with the RSS feed from your own website. It would provide a visual representation of posting frequency and topics discussed.

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