8 WordPress Shortcodes

Shorts melancias... (by Atelier Vanessa Maurer)

WordPress shortcodes are small pieces of code used in the functions file that allow you to quickly add frequently used content to a post or page.

The shortcode API has been part of WordPress since version 2.5.

Here I’ve rounded up 8 interesting and very useful WordPress shortcodes. A couple of them are ones that I’ve written about before.


  1. WordPress Gallery Shortcode – How to use the built-in WordPress Gallery Shortcode to display a simple image gallery.
  2. Display a commonly used link – Using a WordPress shortcode you can easily display a frequently used URL.
  3. How to add a RSS Feed to a Post or Page Using a WordPress Shortcode – Code used to create a shortcode to display a RSS feed on a post or page.
  4. Using Shortcodes To Hide Content From The Public – This shows you to add a shortcode that will only display content to logged in members of your site.
  5. A simple paypal donation link – You only need to change the paypal email in the code and this shortcode will add a simple paypal donation link to a post of page.
  6. Display Related Posts – Many of us use a plugin to display related posts at the end of each article. This shortcode will allow you to add related posts without the use of a plugin.
  7. Google Maps Shortcode – This one is pretty cool – a shortcode that will insert a google map into a post or page.
  8. Send to Twitter – how to create a tweet or send to twitter link with a shortcode.

Do you any favorite WordPress shortcodes that you would add to this list?

photo credit: Atelier Vanessa Maurer

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