How to Link NextGEN Gallery Images to an Individual Page or Post in WordPress

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**UPDATE: I have provided instructions for how to link NextGen Gallery images to a post or page in the 2.0+ version of the plugin.

In my previous article I discussed how more information could be added to the images in the NextGEN Gallery by using the NextGEN Custom Fields plugin.

I installed and activated the plugin, created a new custom field, and showed the code that was used to display the new field with the images.

What I still need to discuss is where the code should go in the NextGEN Gallery template file and how to link to individual posts or pages. So, here we go.

Link NextGen Gallery Images

  1. We do not want the images to use a javascript or lightbox effect when they are clicked on. Go to Gallery > Options > Effects > Set Javascript Thumbnail Effect to ‘None’
    Link NextGEN Gallery Images to an Individual Page or Post in WordPress
  2. Install the NextGEN Custom Fields plugin, if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Create a new custom field for images.
  4. In the custom field put a link to one of your pages, posts, or another site.
  5. Go to Plugins > Editor > Switch to NextGEN Gallery in the Drop down Box > and click on nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php It is near the bottom of the lists.
  6. Make a copy of this file before you start it.
  7. Starting at Line 41 (in my copy) is the following block of code:
    <div class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail" >
    <a href="<?php echo $image->imageURL ?>" 
    title="<?php echo $image->description ?>" 
    <?php echo $image-<thumbcode ?> >
    <img title="<?php echo $image->alttext ?>" 
    alt="<?php echo $image->alttext ?>" src="<?php echo $image->
    thumbnailURL ?>" 
    <?php echo $image-<size ?> />
    <? php echo "Hello WordPress"; ?>
    echo "Hello world";
  8. I changed the code to the following so that the image was linked to the page I designated in the new custom field and so that the description was linked to the same page.
    <div class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail" >
    <a href="<?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields["Link"]; ?>" 
    title="<?php echo $image->description ?>" 
    <?php echo $image->thumbcode ?>  >
    <img title="<?php echo $image->alttext ?>" 
    alt="<?php echo $image->alttext ?>" src="<?php echo $image->
    thumbnailURL ?>" 
    <?php echo $image->size ?> /></a>
    <a href="<?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields["Link"]; ?>">
    <?php echo $image->alttext ?>

    Basically, you are replacing imageURL with ngg_custom_fields[“Link”] so the image links to the URL in your custom field.

  9. Keep in mind that [“Link”] will be the name of whatever you named your custom field.
  10. I also added the last line that links the alttext or description of the image to the same page.
  11. Since you are editing a template file, the changes will be lost if you don’t save them before upgrading the plugin. This is a bit of a hack but it is a way to link images in the NextGEN Gallery to individual posts or pages.

Here are some of the images in my portfolio, which demonstrates how this works.

[nggallery id=3]

Note: This information came from the WordPress support forums and the plugin developer. I used the information to do this write-up.

photo credit: mugley

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  1. Robert says

    Just came across this article and the previous one… may end up being pretty damn helpful to me!

    I’m trying to enable NextGen gallery to function as a video archive/gallery for video files hosted on my own server. All I really need are dynamic pages of thumbnails & descriptions that link directly to the video clips.

    Unfortunately I already am using an instance of NextGen for a standard image gallery, so I’m guessing the mod you list will interfere with that. Hopefully I can run two instances of NG, we’ll see.

    Thanks for these write-ups, and if you have any suggestions feel free to send em over…

    • says

      Hi Robert – I haven’t used two instances of NextGen – I’m not sure if that work. You might be better off using one plugin for images and a different one for the videos.


      • says

        Huh. I THINK this will solve my problem. (THANK YOU! by the way)

        At times I want gallery images to link to PAGES, but … at other times, I want gallery images just to function normally–as in, simply display a larger copy of the same image.

        I’ll have to read your instructions 2 or 3 more times. LOL

        Again, thanks!


        • says

          With this method you can’t have it work both ways – the lightbox effect has to be turned off to link the images to other locations so you won’t be able to have some pages link and others appear in a larger size.

  2. says

    Thanks! I’ve been trying to get nextgen images to link to outside pages, and the key was using the Custom Fields plugin. Thanks for the nudge I needed to get it all working properly!

  3. says

    NextGen Gallery plugin doesn’t seem to want to work with Thumbnails for excerpts as you can see on my homepage. It works with images from the regular media gallery, but not the shortcode with NextGen

    Any ideas anyone?



  4. says


    I’m trying to integrate NextGEN into my template right now and having a heck of a time. I’m not sure if you’d be able to help but I’d be very grateful if someone could give me some pointers or a suggestion for tutorials…

    I am using the new “Thumbnail” feature 2.9 offers to display a header image where I want in my template for each individual post. I’d like to have thumbnails beneath each header graphic so I could present my viewers with more images to look at (its a real estate website)…

    I thought it’d be easy to integrate NextGEN into my template where I could easily add in an ID to a custom field and make those thumbanils show up but doesn’t seem to work.

    Can anyone help me with this issue?


    • says

      Hi William – I haven’t worked through that yet but I believe similar sort of edits would need to be made to the widget php file for the plugin


  5. says

    Kim, Thank you for your speedy reply. But I found plugin that appears to do precisely what I was trying to do with NextGen. The plugin is Authors Avatar List.
    .-= William´s last blog ..Test Post =-.

  6. says

    Thank you so much this is great! I may actually get a full night’s sleep tonight now. :)

    I do have a few question’s I wanted to know where the nggcf_get_gallery_field goes in the nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php and gallery-caption.php.

    Also do you place the ngg_custom_field in the same spot in the gallery-caption.php, seems like the thing to do, but I’m very new to all of this.
    .-= Athena´s last undefined ..Response cached until Thu 4 @ 9:06 GMT (Refreshes in 12.54 Hours) =-.

    • says

      Hi Athena – Where are you pulling nggcy_get_gallery_field from?

      And the custom field would go in the same place in the gallery-caption file. I usually make copies and then play around with them until I get it the way I want it.

  7. says

    Hey, thanks for the tutorials! I think I’m really close here, but can’t quite get the links to work… I’m using NextGen Gallery in combination with Smooth Gallery… do you think this would be preventing the links from working?

  8. says

    Hi Rebecca – When you say the links don’t show up do they not appear or are they not creating links?

    I haven’t used Smooth Gallery so it’s possible that there is a conflict – you could try disabling it and see what happens.

  9. Vince says

    Great tool! Do you know of a way to call an image’s alt-text in another plugin’s function?

  10. Stevie says

    Hey Kim,

    great tutorial indeed!
    Is there a way to put a headline and a short text below the image (word wrapped, so that the images keep their distance to each other) ?

    • says

      Hi Stevie – You could go to Gallery > Options > Gallery and change the number of columns per row to get more space around them. You could also add a class around your custom field that specifies the width and possible height. Add that new class to your stylesheet – you might need to play around with it a bit to get it aligned the way that you want.

      I’ve also found that when I make changes to NextGen that I need to keep clearing my browser cache to see the changes.

  11. Valentijn says

    Hi All

    I tried it in the imagerotator. But xml is not touched…. it seems…

    if (is_array ($thepictures)){
    foreach ($thepictures as $picture) {
    echo ” \n”;
    if (!empty($picture->description))
    echo ” “.strip_tags(stripslashes(html_entity_decode(nggGallery::i18n($picture->description)))).”\n”;
    else if (!empty($picture->alttext))
    echo ” “.stripslashes(nggGallery::i18n($picture->alttext)).”\n”;
    echo ” “.$picture->filename.”\n”;
    echo ” “.$picture->ngg_custom_fields[“link”].”\n”;
    echo ” “.$siteurl.”/”.$picture->path.”/”.$picture->filename.”\n”;
    echo ” \n”;

    Anyone knows a hack for this??

      • says

        That’s what i’m trying to do!

        Currently using NextGen v.1.6.2 with the NextGEN Custom fields plugin v.1.0.2 and i cant find where it outputs the slideshow images?

        Any help?

  12. Valentijn says

    Yep exactly…
    Flashvars for imagerotator just needs :
    http://www.linkinfo here

    So I put the link there. But I cannot reach the global vars.
    Maybe I need to read ou extra info from the SQL??

  13. Valentijn says

    It should be quit simple.
    Where do I read out the extra field info? Cause $images is not the same as the array #thepictures….


  14. Valentijn says

    Hah now I get it…
    The plugin has its own table… hmmm
    Maybe easier to create an extra column to merge
    nextgen better with vars or
    I hack slideshow it figures data from the custom tables…
    should not that hard but creates an extra query… not very quick then….

  15. Valentijn says

    I fixed it :

    – problem: links or customfields etc in imagerotator[.php]
    – open up imagerotator.php, and change after is_array loop:
    $picnr = $picture->pid;
    $fname = “link”;
    $link = nggcf_get_field($picnr, $fname);

    So I read out the current pic, var for my field, and use the nextgen extra field plugin object to get the fieldvalue…

    – in the xml I parse it as an extra link : imagerotator uses : for linkage….

    So that’s it !

    if (is_array ($thepictures)){
    foreach ($thepictures as $picture) {

    $picnr = $picture->pid;
    $fname = "link";
    $link = nggcf_get_field($picnr, $fname);

    echo " \n";
    if (!empty($picture->description))
    echo " ".strip_tags(stripslashes(html_entity_decode(nggGallery::i18n($picture->description))))."\n";
    else if (!empty($picture->alttext))
    echo " ".stripslashes(nggGallery::i18n($picture->alttext))."\n";
    echo " ".$picture->filename."\n";
    echo " ".$link."\n";
    echo " ".$siteurl."/".$picture->path."/".$picture->filename."\n";
    echo " \n";

    • says

      Hi Kathleen – Great! The one thing to keep in mind is upgrading the plugin – one time I upgraded without thinking and had to re-do my customizations. Doh! ;-)

    • says

      Hi Rachael – Great! But note – I didn’t come up with this. I just wrote up what I found in the forums in a easier to understand way ;-)

      And don’t be like me and update NextGen and then wonder why your customizations aren’t working – LOL

  16. says

    Hi Kim! Thank you for your tutorial – i found it very easy, although i still can not link the thumbnail to the post. I follow all steps, add code to gallery.php but still all images are linked to their source file… what should i do? my site
    .-= Darya´s last blog ..Gone Fishing Wall Decal =-.

      • says

        Yes i did and as you suggest i made custom field called it Link …but unfortunately images are still linked to its source moreover discription are not shouwing up.
        May be I should try another gallery?
        .-= Darya´s last blog ..Gone Fishing Wall Decal =-.

        • says

          I don’t think it’s the gallery. My guess is that

          <a href=”< ?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>”>

          is not in the correct location. I know that NextGen has been updated since this article was written so maybe the location that it needs to go is slightly different.

          • says

            I think I may have stumbled on why it doesn’t work.

            I followed all the steps in both halves of the tutorial, and also went back to the original post in the forums, and nothing worked. Clicking on the image in the gallery opens a page with just the picture file.

            I noticed (around the 3rd or 4th time through) that next to the file name in the plugin editor is the word (inactive). On a hunch, I FTPd into the folder, changed the file name from gallery.php to xxgallery.php, and then checked the site to see what happened.

            It didn’t break. In fact there is no noticeable difference. Based on this, my guess is that something changed in an update and we are modifying a file that is now no-longer used.

            I am new to all of this, so I don’t have a solution, but I hope my observations will be helpful in pinpointing the problem. Thank you for your well written instructions, that were so clear that even a non-coder like myself could follow them.
            .-= Deb Kosiba´s last blog ..This is a Post =-.

  17. says

    hi, i use the add-on Images-flow

    i add this custom Link already, and repalce the html code to images-flow.php already….

    but also not work, and help?

    my demo web

      • Marion Zachary says

        Hello, thank you for the custom link tutorial..I am also trying to use this with the NextGen Gallery add-on called Image Flow. Image Flow creates a slideshow from a NextGen gallery and I need to be able to make each image link to a specific page on the site. I am willing to pay for the solution. Can you help or do you know anyone who would help me? My client’s deadline is fast approaching and I’m feeling a tad panicky :)

        Thanks so much!

          • Marion Zachary says

            Thank you Kim, I did not see that post, even though I’ve been on that page. I think my eyes skipped over it because so many of those posts are not in English and I missed it. My problem is I don’t understand what he’s saying to do. Sigh. I’m more of a designer and not a programmer…thank you for looking that up for me though! I have contacted the developer but have not received a response yet…thanks again.

  18. says

    Hi Marion – That post is 100% clear but I mostly understand what it’s saying. My concern is that it is a little old. Let me know if you hear back from the developer – I or someone I know may be able to take on the project. I thought that the coder would be able to implement the quickest solution since it’s his code.

    • Marion Zachary says

      Thank you Kim! I emailed him again just now with a detailed explanation of what I’m trying to do. I’ve downloaded plugin after plugin to supposedly add the ability to 1) add custom fields and 2) link the images to the URL inserted into the custom field…but nothing is working and I’m getting a little panicked :) Deadline is next week. I will give him 24 hours or so and if I don’t hear from you, I will write you back…thank you for the offer to help or find someone who can!

      • says

        Hi Marion, did you manage to figure out how to do this? I have been struggling to get each image to link to a specific URL.

        Let me know if you recieved a solution.
        Thank you

        • Marion Zachary says

          Hi Pierre:

          I had someone customize the “Image Flow” code using the “Custom Link” code for NextGen and would be happy to send you the files. Please send me your email address where I can send attachments. I went to your website but only saw a form.

          Thanks! And I hope I can help you!

  19. says

    Hi Deb – Thanks for the info. I am still using an older version of the plugin. I haven’t updated it recently because I didn’t want to make all of the edits yet. I am using 1.4.3

    • says

      I did finally figure out why it wasn’t working for me.

      I’m using the WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin in conjunction with the NextGEN Gallery. The shopping cart plugin requires you to place a file called gallery-wp-eStore.php into the wp-content\plugins\nextgen-gallery\view\ folder. This file seems to trump everything else in the folder.

      Fortunately, the bulk of the code in this file is identical to the code in gallery.php. I was able to make the exact same modifications that you suggested to gallery-wp-eStore.php . And it worked!

      The big clue was that renaming gallery.php to xxgallery.php didn’t break anything. It wasn’t using the file anymore. I went through renaming the files in the view folder until I figured out which one would break. And that was gallery-wp-eStore.php

      Thank you again for your very clear instructions, they provided the last piece I was looking for to finish my web site, and I hope to have it done in the next couple days!
      .-= Deb Kosiba´s last blog ..English Rose Slideshow Post =-.

  20. says


    Any idea on how to get this to work on imageflow?

    I followed your instructions and added the following code and so on, but nothing..

    Just looking to make Nextgen imageflow images link individually..

    Thank you
    .-= Pierre´s last blog ..SOAP – Website Content =-.

  21. mariana says

    Hi! I have a doubt!

    I want that images have links for others websites.

    But I use nextgen gallery in 2 pages.

    In one of them, I want that lightbox work….because have photos of events.

    In the other page, i have partnership brands and i want just the link for the websites.

    How can I do that?

    • says

      Hi Mariana – You can’t. You can do it one way or the other but you can’t do both – the settings for this in next gen are overall settings and not by gallery.

  22. says

    I noticed one other comment on adding this to the nextgen widget. I would like to click on an original image in the widget and go to a page.

    I think I have found the section of code in the widget.php file that should be changed. Can you help?

    if ( $instance[‘show’] == ‘original’ )
    $out .= ‘<img src="' . get_option ('siteurl') .

    • says

      Hi Amy – I don’t know how to do that and unfortunately, I don’t currently have time to work on it. Maybe someone who is reading the comments will know.

      • says

        Thanks for your quick response. I have found a work around to put images with links in a widget and with 2 column format without using the nextGen gallery.

        I am using a text widget and have added the html for the images and links to a page. I then needed to download the Sidebar Shortcodes plug-in so I could use the WP Post Columns plug-in to create 2 columns for the images. You can see it at – Key Clients on the top right sidebar.

  23. says


    Can this hack be altered for a gallery view also?

    I am setting up a photography site where some of the galleries i.e wedding are locked for obvious reasons. for this I create a new post with just that gallery along with a post password protector plugin. I want that particular gallery to link directly to the password protected page. (Very messy I know, you would think there is an easier way but hey)



    • says

      Hi Lee – As far as I know it works for images but not very galleries. All I’ve thought of so far is to have each image link to the same password protected page.

  24. Charlotte says

    If you are using Smooth Gallery the place to change the link is different:

    Open nggSmoothSharedFunctions.php and edit the line:
    $aux["link"] = BASE_URL . "/" . $picture->path ."/" . $picture->filename;

    To say:
    $aux["link"] = nggcf_get_field($picture->pid, 'Page Link');
    Where ‘Page Link’ is the name of you custom field.

    Also at the bottom of the file edit target=\”_blank\” to be target=\”_self\” so that it opens in the same window and edit title=\”View project info\” to change the hover text.

    Now your smooth gallery images should link to whatever link you put in the custom field.

  25. says

    For those with NextGen ImageFlow who are trying to link their images to a page, I’ve sortof found a work around. I’ve tried posting this on the shabushabu site but it seems as if the blog comments have been disabled.

    Firstly, click Manage Gallery, then go in to your gallery that you have designated for ImageFlow. On the image list page, you have two input boxes, labelled Alt & Title Text / Description. In the first box, put in the URL that you’d like to have the image point to. Save this, then open the following files:


    Edit imageflow.js, and find image.url = image.getAttribute(‘longdesc’); on line 441. Change ‘longdesc’ to ‘title’. Save this, then open functions.php. Find line 355, and find title=”‘. nggGallery::i18n( $img->description ) . Change $img->description to $img->alttext (alttext is the name of the first input box on the Manage Gallery page where you put the address that you’d like the image to go to).

    Bit of a sloppy work around but I can’t think of another way of doing it.

  26. Holly Knott says

    Thanks so much for posting about this! I’m thinking it may partially be the answer to what I’ve been looking for. My customers are mostly artists, who like to write more than a short caption beneath the large images of their artwork in their gallery sections. I could set up a custom field for title, a custom field for year made, one for description, etc., and style them differently. The question I have, though, that maybe you know the answer to , is how I could allow them the ability to apply their own text formatting to text in those custom fields? That is, someone may want to write a 2 paragraph description, and insert a hyperlink in the middle of a sentence, or make one word bold. Without being able to create this content inside the WP editor, I’m not sure if this can be done short of telling them to use HTML which most of them don’t know.

  27. says

    Hi Holly,

    I’m not even 100% certain html would work in those fields. If it does, that is the only way they could do it. They would need to decide on an overall style and have it applied via the stylesheet.

  28. Dave says

    I have about 27 galleries set up and 2 of those galleries are not showing the “Link” field. Also, any new galleries I try to set up are not showing the “Link” field either. The code is in the gallery.php file and everything should work. In fact all of the other galleries work just as they should. What am I missing?

    • says

      Hi Dave,

      Are the two that aren’t showing the last two created or are they in the middle somewhere? I’ve actually never used this with more than one gallery at a time but logically haven’t come up with a reason as to why it would stop working after X number of galleries.

  29. Dave says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the reply! They actually are the last 2 created but I can’t figure why it would stop working after X number of galleries either.

  30. Dave says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your help on this! I think my brain wasn’t working right and I was looking at Galleries instead of Images so everything appeared correct to me, but I checked the Images links and those 2 Galleries had become unchecked somehow or else were made later and never check in the first place. Either way, everything is working fine now!

    Thanks again! :)

    • says

      Hi Dave – I’m glad that’s what it was. And thanks for letting me know before I started looking into it wouldn’t work with more than 25 galleries – lol :-)

  31. Lin says

    Wow, thank you SO much for such a wonderful and flawless article. This was exactly what I was looking for the past several hours and it works perfectly! :) Keep up the great work, and again thank you!

  32. says

    Hi All – Kim, Thanks.

    So I was following your directions but realized I wanted the OPPOSITE of what you’ve made here, so I thought I’d contribute:

    I wanted certain nextGEN galleries to appear in my sidebar on certain posts. ie not one massive gallery that exists on all posts. So, what I did was install the Widget Logic widget, and set conditional parameters FOR my nextGEN widget. This way I have multiple nextGEN widget galleries displaying only one gallery, conditioned to appear on certain pages. The galleries all have different names, too. The conditional is: is_single(‘Your Post Name Here’).

    See: > adventure writing.

    Thanks and I hope this helps some people!!

  33. Mike says

    Great tutorial. As I understand it, this hack works to put custom links on the thumbnails. Is there any way to put custom links on slideshow images?

    • says

      Hi Mike – A lot of people have asked about that … if you look through the comments there are some old instructions for getting it to work with Image Flow but I don’t know if they still work. It’s better to use a different solution than nextgen – something like WP Cycle would work.

  34. says

    Thanks for the mod, I am using it in a different way, however, and that is to link it directly to a larger image rather than a page/post.

    I am wondering if you know a way to hyperlink the destination image?

    I have magazine covers as thumbnails. The large image is a specific page in the magazine. I want to link the large image to a product.


  35. Jocelyn Greene says

    I’m trying to use this technique to add products to a store page with PHPurchase. Instead of linking to a URL, I’m using the custom field to add the Add to cart Shortcode, I can get it to display but I need to execute the shortcode. Does anyone know how to do this?


  36. Ed P. says

    Got it working no prob, just one more thing. I want the link to open in a new page, just like the “_blank” attribute in html. My guess is that I have to modify the php code in the template but I don’t know php, only html.


    • says

      In this part

      <a href=”&lt?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>”
      title=”&lt?php echo $image->description ?>”

      you could add target=”_blank”

      • Ed P, says

        Sorry, figured it out right after I posted. Simple, just that all those $,? throw me off in php. Here is the code:

        <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?> “target=”blank” ” title=”description ?>” thumbcode ?> >

        Thanks again for this article!

  37. says

    Hey Kim, Just wondering if you use <a href="the url" in you custom link field or can you use the “post-id” My concern is that this method involved to much following around with hand written url’s rather the something more dynamic and reliable like “the Post ID”

    • says

      You could try it but I don’t know if it would work. I don’t think the plugin is going to understand what the post ID should be and it probably needs a regular URL.

  38. Dan says

    Hello. Thanks for compiling this code, it’s really helping me out. As far as I can tell, you need to enter the url’s manually to something that already exists, right? You haven’t come across/developed a way to get nextgen to dynamically create a temporary page with the image and custom field info on it, have you?

    Anyway, I’m not sure if it was touched upon somewhere in the comments, but there’s a fairly easy way to avoid loosing the changes when you upgrade nextgen. Nextgen by default checks your theme files first for gallery templates before using the default gallery.php included in the view folder. To get it to work, you just do the following.

    1) In the theme directory, create the folder “nggallery”
    2) Place any template files within the folder

    That’s about the jist of it. It should load that template instead of the default. Not only does this allow protection from upgrades, but it also adds the feature of using multiple templates. Say I wanted to have a template specifically for my product gallery. Inside the nggallery folder, I make a template named gallery-products.php. Whatever is after the hyphen becomes the template name. If I want my particular gallery to be displayed with that template, I just use the following code:

    [nggallery id=1 template=products]

    And there you go. I hope this helps everyone out in the future.

  39. says

    Thanks Kim, You’ve explained this very well for someone like me (who doesn’t know much about code) but, I’m afraid I have more than one instance of using the nexgen gallery on our website and couldn’t make these overall changes to the plugin. Hopefully the author will incorporate this into the plugin in the future. Great tut, I will reference this landing page for sure!

  40. Fie says

    This is what I have been looking for but I can´t get this to work! I have followed all the steps but no luck…….. Do I need a special version of the plugin or something?

    • says

      What isn’t working? Are you getting an error message? I am using an older version of NextGen but I know people have successfully implemented this on more recent versions.

  41. says

    Thank you for this excellent information! I have it working on the WP I’m building… but I think there may be a broken div somewhere. Take a look at this screenshot… any idea on why the “From our blog” (recent post) widget is putting the post information on the Gallery page?

    Maybe it’s a broken div on the page I edited?

    Thanks for any help…

  42. Dan says

    Ok, I can see how this works with one image. But, what if I have many images in a gallery that display on the same page, how can I link each image to an individual & unique page?

    • says

      Hi Dan – The NextGen custom fields plugin will add a new field to each image in the gallery. You can put a unique url for each image so that they all link to different locations.

  43. Lauren says

    Hi Kim!
    First of all a very nice sharing. I was just working on my blog and thought of linking my gallery images to pages. I tried all the steps that you told in the article but what is done that clicking the image opens the page with the image only. Though I pasted the link of required page in the ‘Link’ field but still having this problem.
    I saw another guy having same problem in this blog but i m not able to find solution here.
    What i have observed is that while editing nextgen-gellery/view/gellery.php there is written ‘(Inactive)’ in front of it so i was wondering that would it b the reason of the problem?
    AS you said to the person having same problem that it might have to do something with the plugin upgrades by the time. I am pasting my code below with the changes told by you in this article. Kindly check this out and let me know if you find some problem. Badly need help coz m new to wordpress n not that good with coding. Thanks in Advance.:)
    Template Page for the gallery overview

    Follow variables are useable :

    $gallery : Contain all about the gallery
    $images : Contain all images, path, title
    $pagination : Contain the pagination content

    You can check the content when you insert the tag
    If you would like to show the timestamp of the image ,you can use

    <div class="ngg-galleryoverview" id="anchor ?>”>

    show_slideshow) { ?>

    <a class="slideshowlink" href="slideshow_link ?>”>
    slideshow_link_text ?>

    show_piclens) { ?>

    <a class="piclenselink" href="piclens_link ?>”>

    <div id="ngg-image-pid ?>” class=”ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box” style ?> >

    <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>” title=”description ?>” thumbcode ?> >
    hidden ) { ?>
    <img title="alttext ?>” alt=”alttext ?>” src=”thumbnailURL ?>” size ?> />

    <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>”>
    alttext ?>

    hidden ) continue; ?>
    columns > 0 && ++$i % $gallery->columns == 0 ) { ?>

    • says

      Hi Lauren – It doesn’t look like the link is closed after the image. I am using an older version of NextGen on this site but I have successfully gotten it to work with new versions on other sites.

      • Lauren says

        Hi Kim!…Thanks for your response.
        yes i followed same steps as you told and everything looks fine but i don’t know why this not working in expected way. Below is the link of the site..Check the Gallery portion on the home page, i want to links the images in that gallery to the other pages n posts on the site but take a look how is it working. Kindly let me know if you have some suggestions or ideas.

        Again pasting the code where made changes.
        Thanks again. :)

        <div id="ngg-image-pid ?>” class=”ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box” style ?> >

        <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>” title=”description ?>” thumbcode ?> >
        hidden ) { ?>
        <img title="alttext ?>” alt=”alttext ?>” src=”thumbnailURL ?>” size ?> />

        <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>”>
        alttext ?>

        • Lauren says


          Waiting for your response….Still stuck with this problem…Do anyone has idea in solution to this.

          Thanks in advance..:)

        • says

          Hi Lauren,

          Sorry – I don’t know. I am able to get it to work on the sites that I work on so I’m unsure what the problem is. Maybe someone else here will have an idea.

          • says

            Hi Lauren,

            I’m having the same problem, though looking at your website it looks like you have it working ok now. I’m curious to know how you fixed it. I’m running WP 3.2.1 with Suffusion Theme and wonder if it’s a compatibility issue with NextGen Gallery (though the the essential features of the plugin are working fine).

            Thanks for this post Kim, just what I’m looking for (when I can get it to work!)

            • Evans says

              I came across this and was having the same problem. I don’t know if this will help anyone at all, or if anyone’s still looking at this now, BUT…

              if you see “(inactive)” next to gallery.php under view, make sure you’re not using a different template choice. in that same folder/list you will see options like “gallery-caption” or “gallery-“carousel” if you are using one of these, you need to make this same code edit to that PHP file and you should be good to go.

              hope this helps someone. feel free to ask if i can help in any way.

  44. says

    When I go into the ‘nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php’ I have no code there – in fact it is empty! I’m assuming this is not correct. Can anyone tell me why this is and what i can do about it?

    Also every time I enter any css in the css editor and select save it goes back to being blank after i’ve saved – not sure if this is correct either?

    I’m using Thesis 1.8.2

    • says

      Hi Sarah – It shouldn’t be blank. Have you tried using a different web browser? It sounds like a browser conflict – at least the 2nd part where the css disappears after saving does.

  45. says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. It was just what I needed for a client site I was working on, see

    I’ll give it a go for my portfolio as well just as soon as I get my own site upgraded! (You know, the cobbler’s children go barefoot and the blacksmith eats with wooden spoons!)

  46. heidi says

    Hey, I did everything in your tutorial to add custom fields for links and to edit the code to accomplish this. However, now each image in my gallery is not alligned horizonatally and has a slight step down from one imag eto the next. What has happened? Can I fix this?

    • says

      Hi Heidi – This is a problem with the styling. You may have a conflict in your stylesheet or need to adjust the CSS for the gallery. I don’t know the exact code that you will need.

  47. MichaelM says

    Well, I think you just answered my (somewhat) perplexing problem!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!

    I just want photos of handwoven scarves to link to full pages of info on each scarf. Seems SO easy! LOL But of course it’s not.

    Thanks again!

    ~ Michael (Zorritos, Peru) (Both the blog and website are under construction, just FYI.)

  48. says

    Thank you!!! I can’t believe I was able to do thisI don’t know anything about code, but I could follow your instructions and it works great! (on the first try even)

  49. says


    Can you help me. I Want to use NGG + Easy FancyBox plugin to show images and galleries in the modal window and I want to link Image captions (that are now the name of the NGG Gallery where image is stored) to the post where are they described.

    I dont want this for thums – I want this link was displayed in the modal window

    Thanks a lot!

  50. says

    You forgot a closing anchor tag at the end of your code, here’s an updated version:

    <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>”
    title=”description ?>”
    thumbcode ?> >
    <img title="alttext ?>”
    alt=”alttext ?>” src=”
    thumbnailURL ?>”
    size ?> />

    <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>”>
    alttext ?>

  51. says

    Hi, I’m pretty good at wordpress customization but i’m stumped on something here.

    I have replaced the code in gallery.php no problem and have the custom fields plugin installed at

    When you go to gallery/manage gallery/ click on the gallery name, the field comes up on the right side ngg_custom_fields[“Your Field Name Here”]; ?>.
    What exactly do i input into the [“Your Field Name Here”] so the photo links to an individual page for that photo? The page name?

    Is there an easy way to streamline whatever i need to input, this customer has almost 1,700 products within 82 categories.

    thank you

  52. Simon says

    Hi was just wondering if any has got this working with the GalleryView add on plugin? I had it working on the normal Image Browser template but as this is a plug in I am wondering if the standard code below isn’t finding the custom fields right path?
    nggcf_get_field[“item-1”]; ?>

  53. Chris says

    Hello I was trying to implement your work around to add links to images. But does it only work on thumbnails?

    I wanted to have a link in my slideshow images for every picture.

  54. Giacomo says

    dear Kim
    I want to put a gallery on the home page of my website, in a simple DIV, unfortunatly i don’t understand how to make it

    • says

      You should take a look at the documentation for Next Gen or the gallery plugin that you want to use to get it set up. Unfortunately, I don’t have any getting started tutorials but I’m sure there are some out there.

  55. Carol says

    I followed your tutorial directions and was able to link my gallery images to pages.

    But, when I display the gallery on a page, my thumbnail images are very small. What do I have to change to increase the size of the displayed images, like the images on your WP Portfolio page?


  56. Jacob says

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your nice turotial :)

    Like Ed tried in a earlier post, I’am trying to get my links to open in a new window. But I can’t figure out where to place the target:”blank” attribute. Would you please post the snip of code, and where to place it ?

    Thank you in advance.

    • says

      Hi Jacob – This is what I have in view/gallery.php

      <a href=”<?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>” target=”_blank”><?php echo $image->alttext ?></a>

  57. Andres Saavedra says

    Ok, I have a problem. I followed the instructions step by step. but whenever I go to test the gallery link, it does not take me to the Link URL I specified in the “Link” text box, instead it takes me to the link I wrote down in the box PLUS whatever i already had in my URL box in my browser. For example, text box says:, but instead of replacing my current URL with that, it does this (assuming my webpage is called bing): Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advanced!

    My website:

    PS: Go to the “services” tab and click on “Antivirus Installation”, you’ll see waht I mean.

    My code:

    <div id="ngg-image-pid ?>” class=”ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box” style ?> >

    <a href=”ngg_custom_fields[Link]; ?>” title=”description ?>” thumbcode ?> >
    hidden ) { ?>
    <img title="alttext ?>” alt=”alttext ?>” src=”thumbnailURL ?>” size ?> />

  58. says

    Hiya, I’ve done everything you say but it doesnt seem to work….works same as before…I use pagelines and have a childtheme wondering if this is the problem…also it say “inactive” in bracket at the top of the editing screen which confuses me….any ideas?! many thanks

  59. says

    Hey there…

    I used this tutorial before and it worked…but after updating WP and the plugins, it no longer functions.

    Just so you know, I went back and edited everything as you’ve instructed above, as the original hack was deleted when I updated…

    The goal is of course to link the thumbnail images on the site for the art pages to the individual sales pages.

    However, it’s gone back to linking to a larger version of the art.

    Help please?

    • says

      Hi Mary Beth – If you use this solution, then you have modified the plugin. If you update the plugin, your edits will be lost. You will need to re-do the edits you made to the plugin. In the future, don’t upgrade the plugin without having a plan to update your edits to it. This is a good solution for NextGen but isn’t without issues.

  60. says

    Okay I’m a moron.

    I forgot that I was using the CAPTIONS gallery option and thus, the page I needed to hit was the gallery-caption.php page.


    • says

      Since the update of NextGen 1.0, the template engine will solve plugin updates if you are using this hack. As long as you use templates and have access to FTP.

      Take the gallery file you updated with the code provided by Kim – /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php

      and save it in a nggallery folder in YOUR THEME folder as a new file. For Example:
      If the updated gallery file was named: gallery-withlink.php.

      Save it to: /wp-content/themes/YOURTHEME/nggallery/gallery-withlink.php

      Then in your post/page use: [ nggallery id=1 template=withlink ]

      That way you can use NextGen out of the box (skip turning the effects off on the thumbnails) AND this modified version, depending on what you enter in the post/page.

      More info on templates:

  61. says

    Not sure if anyone posted this solution prior, I did not read them all.

    If someone wants some galleries to have image tumbnails show the lightbox and some galleries to have the thumbs link to internal or external pages I found a way to make it work.

    I added a custom field named “Link”.

    I copied a template and renamed it. In the new template I edited the php code for the a tag before the thumb img tag as follows:

    <a href="ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>” title=”description ?>” target=”_blank”>

    The key is to remove the last bit of php inside the a tag that calls the class.

      • says

        You’re welcome!

        I like your post too and from the other replies I was able to piece together the solution.

        Please tell me (if it can be done) how to wrap the code I put into posts and replies so that it doesn’t strip out the php part. You’d figure I should know that but I don’t and my guess at using the ‘code’ tag didn’t work in my response to Jasmin below. Thx

  62. Jasmin says

    Hi there,

    Maybe I’m asking a dumb question here but is it possible to have one gallery have one effect and another gallery have No effect? For example can I set Gallery A to have a shutter effect and Gallery B to have no effectt?

    • says

      Hi Jasmin,

      I believe the answer is almost the same as I posted just prior but with a twist.

      You copy the template php file that you use for Gallery A and give it a new name. You edit the php where it calls the thumbnail and remove the php code that sets the class. This time, don’t change the href to call the custom field. Just leave it alone.

      So here is the before code in the template in the Thumbnail section:
      <a href="imageURL ?>" title="description ?>" thumbcode ?> >

      Here is the after. Note that all you need to do is remove the php that calls ‘thumbcode’:
      <a href="imageURL ?>" title="description ?>" >

      I didn’t test it directly, but I’m pretty certain this will work.

      • says

        I’m sorry if the code sample isn’t quite correct. It keeps removing the php part of the code sample. I just don’t know the correct tag to wrap around the sample to keep the code intact on my posts and replies.

        So simple yet so elusive. :)

  63. Samantha says


    This plugin definitely works well but was wondering if anyone came up with the way to do it within the NextGen Widget. There were some questions posted earlier so was just wondering…

    Thanks for the help

  64. Cmack says

    I found this website that shows how to have thumbnails link to another page by using the alt/title info in the gallery.

    It eliminates the need to use the NextGen Custom fields plugin.

    BTW I’d like to know how if there is way to to link to the actual shutter gallery instead of having to click on the thumbnail first.

    I want to be able to have a text link for the gallery, then click the text link and have the gallery pop up.

    Hopefully that makes sense ;)

  65. says

    Hi Kim, I set up the custom fields just like you did, but I did it for a different reason: My client had two sets of images, one as the thumbnail so that the products shows up close even when it’s small, and obviously the larger one. I used the custom fields to add a link to the larger image. I believe this is what that original forum posting on wordpress forums was about.
    However, my client went in and added the large images, but didn’t re-size them before she uploaded them, so now there is like 100 images or so that have been uploaded and the images that pops out is 1000 or more pixels, so it takes over the page.
    I was wondering if you knew of a code I could add to that same line, next to ngg_custom_fields[“Link”] that would set a standard size for the large image that the thumbnail links to. The large image pops out and is too large for the screen.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  66. says

    You know what, I was using the wrong jquery effect, I was trying to use Slimbox 2, but when I tested the thickbox, it actually worked. duh. Should’ve just tried that out first.

  67. Lauren says

    Great tutorial! I was hoping you might be able to offer some guidance / ideas for my particular situation: I’m trying to pull custom field data from a post into NextGen custom fields. What I have set up is a form that allows users to upload photos, and when they do the photo, along with all of the information they enter (name, image details, etc.) is placed in a post that is created when the form is submitted. I have the form set up to pass certain field data to specified custom fields in the post, but what I can’t figure out is how to tell NextGen to “import” the custom field data from the post into its own custom fields. Any ideas?

  68. melissa says

    Thanks for the tips. This worked as far as linking images to different pages, however, it also made all of the content on that page a link. I am not sure how to correct that.

  69. says

    I have a gallery on my site under Teams\Baseball\Majors Baseball that I recently updated to include links. Now when I view the page I find what looks to be an underscore between each page and going down the left hand side. Any ideas?

  70. almarya says

    Hi, thank you so much for your tutorial. I have two problems with it:
    1- I cannot resize Thumbs si that I could see them bigger than now.
    2- Most important, I notice that when I upload your code, only in the page where I put the ngg gallery, all the personalized titles of the sidebar widgets link to an arbitrary page of my website! It is obviously an error! You know how to fix it? Thanks a lot

  71. says

    Thanks for the post. I did everything as you said, and it linked my images to the pages as I set up, however, I also have an article below the images, and it is linking the entire article as well. Wondering what I did wrong and how to correct it and still link the images to a page/post.

    Thanks for your help.


  72. Fred says

    Thank you for this post.

    I am using NGG slideshow in the header of a site and I would like the slideshow to cycle through one time and then display the last image permanently. Do you have any thoughts on how I might accomplish this?


  73. Jeff says

    I follow your instructions, but I think something is wrong because I need a link on diaporama.
    Actually, if I click on each image, there is a link to show another image. I would like open the link page.
    Can you help me ? Perhaps something must be change in nextgen-gallery/nggshow.php ?

    Thank you

  74. says

    Hi Kim
    Tried to implement the Next gallery extra fields – whicha dded OK. Then I added the edits, but nothing changes – it still links to the pictures instead of to my product pages. I used same field name i.e. Link. No errors occur.
    I only edited nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php , is there any thing else I must edit? Appreciate the help. I am using all the latest plugins.

  75. says

    I like this. It maintains the hidden image function and will treat un-linked images as it would with the original gallery function.

    ngg_custom_fields["Link"]) { $image_link = $image->ngg_custom_fields["Link"]; }
    else { $image_link = $image->imageURL; } ?>
    hidden ) { ?>
    <a href="" title="description ?>" thumbcode ?> >
    <img title="alttext ?>" alt="alttext ?>" src="thumbnailURL ?>" size ?> />alttext ?>

  76. rachel says

    I got the code to work GREAT when Im just using the ALT tags…but when I put the short code to include the captions it no longer links~ Is there a way to fix that?

  77. Mandy says


    Just installed the NextGEN gallery plugin, as it allows me to put in a range of pictures, with left & right arrows to scroll and it also allows e to put this in vertically & horizontal.

    However, im stuck at the beginning! iv added an image to a gallery and went to choose the page it was to be displayed in but only 2 or 3 pages have een shown and not the one i wanted this to go into.

    Also i would want to select my own destination link for each image to go to different pages coudl you tell me where i am going wrong and what to do?

    Thanks :D

  78. Daniela says

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for the description in detail. I could add a custom field named Link and add the code in gallery.php.

    but I have a problem:
    The code below doesn’t function. (I copied it directly from my gallery.php)
    I use Nextgen Gallery 1.9.10 and Nextgen Custom fields 1.2.2.

    <a href="ngg_custom_fields["Link"]; ?>" title="description ?>" thumbcode ?> >
    hidden ) { ?>
    <img title="alttext ?>"
    alt="alttext ?>"
    src="thumbnailURL ?>"
    size ?> />

    The custom field Link exists, and the link begins with http://.
    When I look at the source code, I see that the href=” … ” is empty.

    If I replace ngg_custom_fields["Link"]; ?> with, I can follow the link.

    Have you any idea?

    Thanks, Daniela

  79. says

    Thanks so much for this. I can’t believe that WP Gallery hasn’t come up with a way to do this in the 2 years since you posted this workaround. Thanks again. It was just what I needed.

  80. Kimberly says

    When I add the code, my entire gallery is lost on the page where I put the plug in short code. Why?


  81. says

    Hi Kim

    This is a very useful tutorial and I thought it was the answer to my dreams, however, I have followed your instructions to the letter, but I am still unable to link the images to the relevant pages. When I hover over the images I can see that they are linkable, but when I click on them, they just refresh the page I am on.

    What am I doing wrong??? Please help?

  82. Abigail says

    Thanks, very useful but in a multiple gallery site can we override the results for some galleries only?, I’ve created a separate template for galleries with URL redirect thumbnails but in the general options it is not desired to Set Javascript Thumbnail Effect to ‘None’ as a global setting. Thanks in advance

  83. says

    ¿How can I do this process in the NEW NEXTGEN GALLERY 2.0? I CANNOT FIND the route nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php ANYMORE in my FTP??!!!!!

    Thanks a lot

  84. Quinn says

    Hi Kim – I had this all setup but recently updated the NextGen plugin and lost it all. It seems with the upgrade a lot of things changed and I cannot follow your directions above. Any chance you can share new instructions with the recent upgrade? thanks so much!!!!!

  85. says

    Uh oh! It looks like the latest update to NextGen Gallery breaks this fix. I had it working perfectly until I updated the plugin. There is no longer a gallery.php file and I can’t turn off the lightbox effects. Help! I really needed this fix!

  86. says

    Hi Kim,
    I’ve followed your directions, pretty thoroughly, going through them a few times to ensure I followed them correctly, however it doesn’t seem to work for me (nothing new there).
    On my homepage I’m trying to link the image in the gallery at the bottom of the page to my about our staff page here:
    I’ve installed the Next Gen custom fields plug in, modified the code in the editor of gallery/view/gallery.php, entered the URL I want the image to link to and ta-daa…nothing. When I click on the link and the words, nothing happens.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks so much!

  87. Jocelyn Greene says

    I was able to get mine working by changing the code from this:
    ngg_custom_fields["Link"]; ?>
    to this:
    pid, "Link"); ?>

    • Jocelyn Greene says

      Sorry the code wrap didn’t work:
      Old Code:
      ngg_custom_fields[“Link”]; ?>

      New Code:
      pid, “Link”); ?>

    • says

      Jocelyn got it to work by changing the code to

      <?php echo nggcf_get_field($image->pid, “Link”); ?>

      That may work for some of you – it still doesn’t resolve the issue with the template not being available in version 2

      • Jocelyn Greene says

        I’m actually still using my same templates with Version 2.0.11 exactly the same way I did before in a folder called nggallery in my theme folder.

        I am now using this shortcode: (Remove the spaces by the braces)

        [ ngg_images gallery_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails” template=”art” ]

        Here’s my site where I use it:

  88. says

    Hi Kim, thank you for your response. To answer your question, I’m not sure. I have 3 active NexGen plug ins: Advanced Custom Field: NexGen gallery field add on (1.2.1), NexGen Custom Fields (1.2.2), and NexGen Gallery by Photocrati (2.0.11). When I look at my widget for this, it’s called NexGen Slideshow. So, I’m not sure what it’s referring to. I also have available widgets called NexGen Widget and NexGen Media RSS. I’m new to this whole NexGen and WP and Plugin and widget thing.

  89. Aleksandar says

    hi Kim,

    This is exactly what I need and thanks for the effort, but I can’t get it to work what ever I try. The caption is not displayed in the gallery and the thumbnail leads to an image, not a post even though I’ve followed every step in this guide.

  90. Chris3dib says

    Hi Kim,

    thanks for your work. It really did a good job in former Versions of NG. But now, in 2.0 and higher, it isn´t a suitable way to get the plugins working. So I am really in a fix and can´t use that anymore. Do you know a way to make the whole thing (NextGengallery with custom fields (in my case: link from a thumbnail to a website) working again?



  91. says

    I can’t seem to find the file nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php when editing the plugin? I even checked the ftp. I have the custom links working yet when I add the link and click on the thumbnail it still takes you to the image- not in a lightbox.


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