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How to Restrict Content on a Custom Facebook Tab


Last year I wrote about how you could restrict content on a custom Facebook tab so that only people who had liked or become a fan of the page could view the content.

Content on a custom Facebook tab can also be restricted by age, location, content type, and the owner of a particular Facebook profile.



fb:18-plus – restricts content to users who are 18 or older

<fb:18-plus>18 or older<fb:else>Sesame Street</fb:else></fb:18-plus>

fb:21-plus – restricts to users who are 21 or older

<fb:21-plus>21 or older<fb:else>Sesame Street</fb:else></fb:21-plus>

Location, Age, and Type

fb:restricted-to – restrict by age, location, and type

age – an age range can be used or a +/- can be used after the age to designate that age or older/younger. For example:

<fb:restricted-to age=”17-”>Let’s talk about Twilight.
<fb:else>Cool, the kids are gone!</fb:else>

<fb:restricted-to age=”65+”>Let’s talk about retirement.
<fb:else>Cool, the seniors are gone!</fb:else>

<fb:restricted-to age=”18-35″>Let’s talk about our careers.
<fb:else>Content for everyone</fb:else>

location – Restrict the content to certain countries. The countries are specified in a comma separated list using the ISO 3166 alpha 2 code list.

<fb:restricted-to location=”aq”>Special content for Antarctica.
<fb:else>You’re not from Antartica</fb:else>

type – the only type that can currently be restricted is alcohol.

<fb:restricted-to location=”us” type=”alcohol”>Enjoy some wine.
<fb:else>Enjoy some water.</fb:else>

Content for Page Admin

fb:visible-to-owner – this restricts content so it can only be viewed by an Admin of the page.

Top secret plans for Facebook page admins

Would any of these be useful on your custom Facebook tab?

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