Unique Family Traditions

unique thrift neon entryway (by back_garage)

As we are currently in the midst of that time of year called the holiday season, I’ve been thinking about family traditions.

My daughter and I have a number of “traditions” that we’ve picked up over the years.

Our traditions aren’t holiday related but they are amusing. ;-)



When the kid was in preschool, every Thursday was pizza day. When I would drop her off I would say, “Hasta La Pizza”. Even though she hasn’t gone to school there in years, we still say Hasta La Pizza to each other on Thursdays.

Somehow I started singing a modified version of the Goodnight song from the Lawrence Welk show to her at bedtime. I’m not even sure how I knew the song. I know I watched it a couple of times at my grandparent’s house when I was a kid but not enough for it to have stuck in my memory all these years. This video really makes me laugh – it is SO corny.

Alex’s Dad was a dancer when he was young and is still really good. So, he has introduced to her to old musicals that primarily feature Gene Kelly. This isn’t a complete tradition yet, but Alex sings this song so frequently that soon it will be. She is also learning the dance steps to this with her Dad.

How about you? Do you have a strange or bizarre things that you do with your kids or family?

photo credit: back_garage

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  1. says

    Only on Lawrence Welk can men get away with matching white leisure suits and pink shirts.

    This is great. Silly family traditions, sayings and “inside jokes” are always the best. Thanks for sharing yours. (I’d share some of mine, but then you’d think me stranger than you already do … LOL)

    • says

      Hi Dawn – We can share some of the better ones via email :-)

      I really can’t believe the white suits and pink shirts – and they don’t even
      look like they are having fun.

  2. says

    Hi Kim,

    Our family traditions have changed over the years as folks have passed or moved away. The longest lasting tradition is still a gathering over at Mom’s house on Christmas eve. Much merriment and gift exchanging and libation. My favorite day.

    .-= George Angus´s last blog ..Flash – Orb Chapter Two =-.

    • says

      Hi George – That sounds like fun. :-) When I was a kid and a teenager we used to order pizza on Christmas eve and watch It’s A Wonderful Life. No one wanted to do any cooking because we were going to be doing so much the next day.

      I think the kid would really like that movie but she’s a little resistant to Black and White.

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