WordPress 2.8.1 Released

Released baby turtle, Acapulco, Mexico (by Rgtmum)

You have probably already noticed this in the WordPress dashboard but WordPress 2.8.1 was released a couple of days ago.

WordPress 2.8.1 fixes a number of bugs and corrects some security problems with the plugin administration pages.

If you have already upgraded to 2.8, I highly recommend that you upgrade to 2.8.1 as soon as you can. If you are still running 2.7.1, you should upgrade, but it doesn’t need to happen right away.



Here are some of the most important bugs that were fixed.

  1. The amount of memory used by the dashboard has been reduced. A number of people were getting out of memory errors, which resulted in only a partial page being loaded.
  2. The visual editor wasn’t being loaded for some users due to compression issues. This problems has been corrected.
  3. Better security has been enabled for plugins that don’t do specific checks on permissions.
  4. And … the big one. The automatic upgrade no longer deletes files after a failed upgrade. Yep, the automatic upgrade would fail and then delete a number of the WordPress files. That is not good. But, apparently it has been corrected.

As always, please back up your database and WordPress files before upgrading, make sure your necessary plugins are compatible with the new version, and upgrade manually, if possible. My WordPress 2.8 Upgrade Issues and Recommendations article has a list of steps to take before any upgrade.

Here is a video about the main features in WordPress 2.8.

photo credit: Rgtmum

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  1. says

    The rate at which WordPress releases are coming in really scares me :) I guess they should have a proper release plan like major releases (i.e. 2.0 to 3.0) every three years or so and minor releases every three months or something like that.

    Thanks for the review. One of the things I am finding very irritating is the autosave :( is it customizable somehow without too many settings? I see that my post ID’s keep increasing at a rapid pace – before I moved to 2.7.1 I was having post IDs increasing by 1 and because of their stupid logic for autosave, the post ID change.

    (Small setence error -> The amount of memory reduced by the dashboard has been reduced)

    Cheers, Ajith
    .-= Ajith´s last blog ..How Post Frequency affects your traffic and ranks? =-.

  2. says

    I have a similar concern as Ajith. Is there a way to go back and delete the auto saves that WP does? One of my “pages” has like 6…kind of irritating. I’m not as concerned about the numbering of the of the IDs, but wonder if it hits performance of the site? Thanks Kim…you are my go to person on these WP questions. Thanks as always.
    .-= Rick Castellini´s last blog ..Computer designed for seniors =-.

    • says

      Hi Rick – Stratos answered the question and you can see what I wrote
      for Ajith above. I have used the Delete Revisions plugin and haven’t had
      any problems with it.

  3. says

    @Ajith and Rick: I have written an article about this here http://www.stratos.me/2008/11/delete-post-revisions-without-any-plugin/ I believe that having autosaves can really save you at certain points but every now and then you should go back and delete them. As for the post id’s. Well once the autosave is committed the ID is gone! ;) I guess that’s not too bad though. You just need to remove the clutter from in there that’s all.
    .-= stratosg´s last blog ..The acrobatic balance of price and quality on freelancers =-.

    • says

      Hi Vered – Some friends of mine would laugh and say, “Kim is always
      right.” Not always but I can be a real pain when I am right. ;-)

      Since I’ve been using WordPress I’ve seen the 0.1 version with each release.

  4. says

    I don’t do my IT work, but my IT does always wait until the try something out at her work before she does upgrades..

    I have been having trouble with my blog loading in code no one can read and my email not opening up this week again!!!! Now my new computer on button turns on/then shuts the computer off right away…I have to wait and try again later – this part is so very frustrating to me…and with leaving for a couple of week, I hope I can stabilize the problems.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Understanding Agenda For a New Economy ~ David Korten =-.

    • says

      Hi Patricia – If the computer is immediately turning off there could be a serious problem. It could be a virus or even bad memory. You should
      have your IT person look into it.

      It’s great that she waits to do upgrades – I think it’s best to be cautious.

  5. says

    I ran a compete spyware and Norton’s comprehensive scan…my IT person says it sounds like memory to her???? but she is unsure how to check it on logmein….from San Francisco to me….
    I am trying not to think that I got a lemon computer this time around, but truly it seems to be something nearly every month since May 2007 when my antique died. I usually get the office rejects, this was a new one…
    Maybe it knows I kinda sorta wanted a Mac? and it resents it?

    Barbara at BWOB has me kind of worried about security right now too..aargh. Oh well, two weeks of hiking Scotland coming up – maybe it just needs a vacation too?
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Understanding Agenda For a New Economy ~ David Korten =-.

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