7 Secret(ish) Things About Me

Ok. I’ve avoided memes to this point but since Ari Herzog tagged me to participate, I will. I’m trying really really hard to get on Ari’s A List without having to actually meet him so I’m hoping that meme participation will help me out. Now if you didn’t get the sarcasm in that last sentence that’s because a) I’m a crappy writer and b) html still doesn’t have the sarcasm tags which I’ve been waiting for for a VERY long time.

What am I talking about here? Oh yes. 7 things about me. I’m saying they are secret(ish) because people who know me, know these things, but I guess the online world doesn’t. So, buckle up because this should be a total thrill.

  1. I am female – Yes, shocking I know seeing as I am named Kim and all but you would be amazed at the amount of correspondence I receive for Mr. Kim Woodbridge. I know Kim was originally a man’s name (and my name is just Kim, not Kimberly – ask my Mom) but that was like 100 years ago and I don’t think the postal service is that slow. Though I can understand that the photo on my About page is very masculine. Maybe the problem is that I always wear jeans, don’t style my hair, and don’t wear make-up. Ok, now I’m confused.
  2. The Grateful Dead – I LOVED The Grateful Dead in the 80’s. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED. I am not going to call myself a dead head because I never liked that label and it wasn’t my entire life but my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. concerts were The Grateful Dead. I still love them but I had gotten over my obsession before Jerry Garcia passed away, which is a good thing because I would have been even more devastated.
  3. Tattoo – Yes, I have a tattoo. Just don’t tell my Mom ;-) It’s of a fairy – I love fairies (almost as much as Jerry Garcia). But I’m not telling you where it’s located (and no, it’s not on my butt).
  4. Anthro at University of Arizona – My BA is in Anthropology, which I was awarded at The University of Arizona. My choice in degrees can probably clue you into whether I was still into The Grateful Dead or not at that point in my life. Very useful choice to earn the big bucks. Extremely. Ok – in my defense I was originally studying to be a high school English teacher (because I’m such an awesome writer) but I was bored to tears with the courses. I was also afraid of the student teaching (see #5). And the University of Arizona is one of the top schools for Anthropology, so if you going to get a worthless degree, it might as well be at a top school.
  5. Painfully shy – I was painfully shy until I was about 33-34 years old, especially when I was a child. Shyness ended after having my daughter because a) when you have 10 medical school students staring at you in the delivery room you kind have nothing left to be shy about and b) strangers would walk up to me and start talking about babies when I was out with her. But when I was a kid my shyness was intense. I was bright enough to skip grades but they always decided against it because I was shy and lacking in social skills. Even when I knew the answer in class, I didn’t want to be called on and if I was, I would whisper the answer. And oral reports, forget it. I was willing to take a lower grade and not do the project. People who know me now, however, find it hard to believe that I was ever shy.
  6. Queen of crappy jobs – I used to be the queen of crappy jobs but I gave up my tiara in the 90’s. I have done the following; clean hotel rooms, worked in a photo booth, worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, worked at 7-11, answered phones at Yellow Cab (I knew where every bar in Tucson was), did telemarketing for a portrait studio, bagged groceries (do they even have baggers anymore?), and grilled hot dogs at a golf course. Apparently hard work builds character. I’m definitely a character – I’m just not sure what kind I have.
  7. Love video games – I love playing video games. I’m not a shooter or grand theft kind of player though. I’m more of a slow paced adventure game player – find the key to open the file cabinet to get a clue that needs to be decoded. This type of game is not very popular in the US anymore but for some reason they are in Europe, especially Germany. Most of them eventually become available. I also love Tomb Raider and some role playing games, like Neverwinter Nights. I don’t play as much as I used but still insist upon finding some time to play.

So, there you go – 7 things about me. Exciting, huh?

And now I am supposed to tag 7 others to participate. So, I’ve selected Jim Rocco, Mike Nichols, Tim Brownson, Carla, Stratos, Dave Wilkinson and Tracy O’Connor.

Note: I am in the photograph at the top of this article, if that wasn’t clear.

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  1. says

    Didn’t know you liked NeverWinter nights! I’m an addict. But that’s one of the things people don’t know, so I’ll save it for my tag text.

    And the Anthropology degree. I’m sure you had lots of observations while you slung hotdogs! It’s almost as good as a degree in Musicology, which was my bachelor’s degree. BM in Musicology. My sister still laughs about the BM part.

    And I really want to thank you for tagging me. It’s a thrill of a lifetime, or at least the past few days. But I’m a pretty dull person, so it’s going to be hard to think up some little-known facts. On the other hand, not many people know me, so I could say my name, and that would be a little-known fact!

    Mike Nichols´s last blog post – The Evil Trick Anxiety Plays on You and How to Turn the Tables

  2. says

    you disclosed quite a few info in this one… :) anyway thanks a lot for the tagging i’ll have to think about it not for the disclosing part but for finding seven people to tag. I don’t have so many readers as you ;) we shall see :) nice post though… it was interesting!

    stratosg´s last blog post – “MCF: Huntsville” Christmas Giveaway

  3. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks! This was really really funny. :-)

    I knew everything on this list except the high school English teacher. I can’t picture you teaching English.

    I’m honored that you picked me although I don’t think my list will be nearly as interesting.

    Jim´s last blog post – 12/15/08 – The Day The Karate Died

  4. says

    @Natural – LOL I would have never thought of you as shy or even quiet. I do know, however, that you annoy your employers ;-)

    @Mike – Yay!! I would have never thought that you played Neverwinter Nights. I’m sure you are more interesting than you think. LOL at BM – I was always annoyed for not getting a BS ;-)

    @Shirley – I didn’t even list all of the crap jobs – just the most noteworthy. I actually liked a couple of them even though they were crappy. I didn’t list tech support, which I’ve done more recently because the pay was really good but the job was horrible.

    @Stratos – You can write it but you don’t have to tag seven people – it has to end sometime. I tagged Jim and he said he would write one but that he wasn’t going to tag anyone when he was done. And you don’t have to participate – it’s up to you. I usually don’t do memes but I did this one for Ari.

    @Jim – Wow! I must talk to you A LOT if you knew everything on this list except for high school english teacher. Guess I’ll have to find some new secrets ;-)

  5. says

    Very funny. I enjoyed the line “if you going to get a worthless degree, it might as well be at a top school.” I know few people who use the degree they earn in their profession today. Heck, I have changed paths three times, so far.

    As for crappy jobs, I also worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, for a few months as a decorator. Let’s just say, I still can’t stand the smell of donuts. Oh yes, and my short stint at our local Woolworth store.

    This meme has taught me much more about you.

  6. says

    Hey Kim,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your past and also close guarded secret – tattooo ;)

    One definite thing I like about Americans is that most of them really work hard right from their late teens to pay up for the school etc and they serve army as well. We are kind of pampered that way – I mean those who are from middle class or upper class in terms of financial safety. Here mostly the parents take care of their children’s expenses until they get a job or even till they die :lol: I am glad to know that you are self-made.

    And I see that we do not have anything common between us except the love for WordPress roflmao

    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post – Ten Unethical Blog Visitor Behaviors those are worse than George Bush Shoe-Throwing Episode!

  7. says

    Oh, Kim. You never fail to put a smile on my face. HTML sarcasm tags? Hehe – I can’t wait.

    As a guy who wears skirts um, I mean kilts on occasion, I can understand the feelings about gender confusion.

    So, do you STILL know where every bar is in Tucson? Suuurrrrre. It’s ’cause you worked for a cab company -. Wink,wink, nudge – nudge) :-)

    Glad to know more about you, KW


    Tumblemoose´s last blog post – What this writer learned this week

  8. says

    I am still wondering where that tattoo is haha. That’s a second level secret…

    Through your crappy work experiences I’m sure it has uniquely shaped you to look at life in a unique way. Everything happens for a reason and slowly transforms you into a person you didn’t know existed. All interesting and most of which I didn’t know accept for the female part and that your disagreeable sometimes… :-)


  9. says

    @Dee – LOL . Ok, I guess I’ll admit this one. When I saw your comment quickly in my WordPress dashboard I thought it said, “When I sneeze I lose Poop.” And I was like, “whoa, now that’s a personal confession”. LMAO at myself.

    @Tawny – I despise donuts. I really really can’t stand them. I didn’t mind the job though – we didn’t have a bakery at our shop so I didn’t have to make them. I worked 3pm-11pm, it was totally dead, and I used to just drink coffee and hang out with my boyfriend. I was always conflicted though about giving the leftover donuts that were going to be thrown out to the kids who wanted to throw them at cars. ;-)

    @Ajith – There are a lot of Americans who are taken care of by their families too. But I’m not as sure about military service. I don’t personally know anyone who has been in the Army, well at least my age. I did, however, start supporting myself when I was 17 and paid for all of my own education. Some of those jobs, however, were *after* I had gone to college. Really shows how together I was back then.

    One of the things I love about meeting people online is that you might not have much in common and would have never connected in real life but you have a great online relationship. And you forgot that we also have elephants in common too :-)

    @George – Glad you liked it :-) And seriously it was the cab company. I’ve never liked alcohol – it just makes me sick. I have enough stories from that job, though, that I could write a book (well, a really short one).

  10. says

    some interesting revelations there kim(berley) :p

    Looking at how everyone here commenting didn’t ask who were ‘the grateful dead’ make same feel way to young :P

    re: no2 – a tatoo of a fairy not on you ass but secret enough so you don’t say? how could this not pique my interest?!

    Re: painfully shy I think everyone goes through that…they just grow out of it sooner then other people.

    I was personally very shy until I thought what have I got to lose?….though this philosophy is odd..I can now strike up conversation with random strangers I dont know …for example while waiting at the train station etc…but my inner self kicks in if I have know them a bit…but not enough to be comfortable around them…the odd ‘middle zone’

    though the real question is ….where is this tattoo?

    Donace´s last blog post – Hello Visitor- The Quest to Greet

  11. says

    @Marelisa – I know. I’m really not a tattoo person. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life but that is near the top of the list.

    @Donace – I thought it was interesting that no one commented on The Grateful Dead either … do you know who they were?

    I’m really not shy at all anymore but I remember very well how hard it was.

  12. says

    I may have to bail on this one Kim, but thanks for asking.

    A couple of reasons really. 1) I have a couple of posts that I want to run before Christmas and I’m intending to ease of a tad. 2) I’m not sure there are 7 secrets about me! I think I have shared most of my skeletons at some point with my readers. Unless you want to hear the story about the nuns, the jello and the Otter called Ollie?

    Tim Brownson´s last blog post – The 12 Hours Of Christmas

  13. says

    @Tim – It really is an opt-in kind of thing ;-) A lot of people are saying there aren’t 7 secrets or interesting things about them and I find that very hard to believe. I’m pretty sure Donace wants to hear about Ollie and the Jello – wait – is this a children’s book that you’re working on? ;-)

    @Donace – Keep it up and I’m going to make you take Tim’s place in the 7 secrets meme. Hmm … looks like I just did ;-)

  14. says

    I was pretty shy until after my divorce around six years ago. I think having been through hell and back would do that to you.

    I love this Tagged game and getting to know my fellow bloggers. I’ve been tagged and have yet to write about myself though – maybe this weekend when I’m traveling.

    Carla´s last blog post – Where’s the Beef? | Healthy bodies and Earth

  15. says

    Aiee! You picked me! How fun! I seem to run into a lot of anthropology majors online and none of them are currently anthropologists.

    They don’t really have baggers anymore, they have these surly young people that are squishers and crammers. No pride in their bagging, that’s the problem with young people these days. You can’t just stick things in a bag willy nilly and then haphazardly throw them back in the cart! Why would anyone do that?

    I will do mine, soon but it might be a few days, the Holidays are kicking my butt.

    Tracy´s last blog post – Read Twice, Post Once

  16. says

    I love getting to know you better!

    A fairy tattoo. That’s so… endearing!

    Re the crappy jobs, I’m amazed, because YOU ARE SO SMART and capable – I hope you will never take another crappy job. You have so much talent and skills to offer and you should be compensated accordingly.

    (Yes I’m a big fan of yours but you already know that). :)

  17. says

    :lol: forgot about elephants… Thanks for the reminder, I should check out your blog…

    And you are right… Certain interests (online as well) can keep people together and that’s one reason why blogging is great

  18. says

    @Carla – Sometimes adversity causes us to change. We go through so much that worrying about shyness or what other people think doesn’t really matter anymore. You must have been married very young.

    @Tracy – Take your time but I can’t wait to read it. :-) Yeah, all the Anthro majors are hanging out on Twitter because they’ve really got nothing else to do ;-) Actually, you have to get a Masters or PhD in the field to really do anything career-wise. I knew I was eventually going to go to Library School so it didn’t matter to much what I studied – it just took me a long time to go back to school.

    @Vered – Thanks! I was good at school but back then I think I was trying to be the poster child for GenX slacker ;-)

    @Ajith – Oh – the elephants. I’m so busy getting ready for the holidays, finishing up some projects and dealing with my messed up back that I’ve been neglecting them.

  19. says

    Touche, Mr. Kim.

    Yes, there are still supermarket baggers. Although I bring my polyester bags and the bagger puts my stuff in there, thereby saving the paper and plastic.

    How many hotdogs did you sneak when you worked the golf course? Do you still eat the dogs? Or play golf?

    Ari Herzog´s last blog post – You Can’t Go Wrong With New Ideas

  20. says

    I think you write very well, and the meme was a very nice tool to get to know you better. I have been reading you blog for awhile but not commenting, then I saw you were very helpful to Jannie Funster and I just knew I needed to say…I need to get to know you better.

    I am putting out a meme tag post on 12/29/08 as I had so many posts to write about December I could not squeeze it in before that time. I also had to find out what a meme was!

    I am a twitter failure and taking a tutorial on SU right now – Vered is my only friend so far…though a number of people have put my writing on SU over the past 3 months.

    I am IT illiterate and my IT person is going to Denmark on the 26th – so Blogger Dad is going to help me get through it all!

    I love to write, but I have dyscalcula and the code/programming part is way beyond me …
    My daughter would love a fairy tattoo… she is a brilliant writer becoming a Librarian…her children’s lit is awesome ….she is IT competent too.

    I told her she could have the tattoo as soon as she had $3,000 in a savings account to have it removed when she didn’t want it anymore…she is also allergic to dyes…so I collect fairy greeting cards for her
    Thank you for such a good post..and for being so bright and informative.

    Patricia´s last blog post – Line Dancing at Waltz Tempo

  21. says

    @Jim – Oh c’mon. I’m sure why you’re helping a customer, using IM, tweeting, commenting, and talking on the phone you can also squeeze in a game ;-) LOL

    @Patricia – Thank you for commenting! And thank you for the compliments – I really appreciate it.

    I didn’t mention it in the article but I also have a degree in Library Science so I have even more in common with your daughter. But try to convince her to not get the tattoo – really, it’s one of my biggest regrets.

    I think stumbling pages is more important than friends on it – unless you want to follow what they are stumbling. I don’t really get it that well either.

    That’s awesome that Blogger Dad is going to help you out!

    @Dave – And this meme isn’t your top priority? Shocking ;-) And I reveal so many things and all you can say is “crap” … LOL

  22. Ben says

    Hi Kim! Some stranger says nice posting. Nice to know there are people comfortable with their ‘natural’ looks (no make-up and the like..)- really cool. Your writings insinuate character, could have them ‘crappy’ jobs contributed? I have done afew worse in graduate school, and found them a nice form of self evaluation and general character building. Could 5) contribute to the ‘downside of twitter’ thing or is it the character from 6). Nice stuff here by the way.



  23. says

    @Ben – Thank you for visiting and commenting. The crappy jobs definitely contributed to the person I am today. But mostly I’m not afraid of hard work or doing what it takes to earn money. Hmm … the downside of twitter? I think I’m just too nice sometimes.

  24. says

    Hi Kim – It looks like someone’s actually beaten me on the crappy jobs scene.

    I guessed you might have been shy for much of your life but I would never have expected that you’d studied anthropology.

    Cath Lawson´s last blog post – Time Is Running Out

  25. says

    @Cath – Oh – I’m so glad I had more crappy jobs than you ;-) I wonder what you think would have been a more likely subject to study.

    @Alison – Awesome! I would have NEVER guessed that about you. You just made my day :-)

  26. says

    @Sommer – Thanks! Yeah – I’m letting myself be more of a smart-ass, which I am, and am being more open.

    I actually liked the job at 7-11. The pay was higher than minimum wage, I was the only woman that worked there so I never had to do trash or anything, and all we sold were beer and smokes. I got to know the customers by their brands rather than by name.

  27. says

    That’s why I had to quit, nobody asked me to predict anything other than rattle off some lottery numbers. The rest of the calls were really super lonely people who just wanted to talk. I would try to get them off the line because I didn’t want them to have to pay $3.99 a minute but they’d insist on talking until they got cut off after an hour. I am not usually over-burdened by a conscience but that was too much even for me.

    Tracy´s last blog post – Bringing Your Best

  28. says

    @Tracy – Oh that is really sad. I wouldn’t have been able to do that either. It’s ironic that in an overpopulated world so many people are so lonely.


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