How to Add a Custom Tab to a Facebook Fan Page

Tab (by Joe Shlabotnik)

Update 2/17/11: After March 11, 2011 the Static FBML application will no longer be available. It will continue to work on existing custom tabs but all new tabs will need to be created with Iframes. Please see my tutorial on how to create a custom Facebook page tab with Iframes.

People often ask how to rename the page tabs on their facebook fan pages. Unfortunately, this functionality does not currently work. Facebook used to have this feature but it hasn’t worked since the last update.

You can, however, use the fbml application to create a custom box that is used as a tab. The tab will be whatever you name it, such as Welcome or Services, and that tab will contain whatever data you included in that fbml box.


  1. Install the Static FBML application on your fan page.
  2. Select the link that says ‘Add to My Page’.

  3. Go to the main page and click on Edit page
  4. Select the FBML application and click on the pencil icon to begin editing the page.
  5. Name the box and add your html or text. Then save the changes. By default this will be a new box or your boxes tab.
  6. Go page to the Edit page that lists all of your applications. Locate the fbml box that you just created and select Application Settings under the pencil icon.
  7. Click on remove to get rid of the box and then click on add to convert the new box into a tab. Then click on ‘Okay’.
  8. You will have a new custom tab with the content that you added to the FBML box.
  9. Unfortunately, you can’t add more fbml boxes to the custom tab so everything you want under this tab needs to be contained in that one box.
  10. If you want to make more custom boxes or tabs, edit the fbml box that you have already made and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Here is where you can add more boxes – a new browser tab or window will be opened to do this. Once you use fbml for the first time, it no longer looks like the application is available and people think they can only use one box. It’s just that the application is replaced by the boxes that you make and at the bottom of the edit screen is where you can create more of them. I don’t know why that it but it’s super confusing.

I made a tab to test this and deleted it. I already have the information that I want on my fan page but I suppose I could create a separate tab for Services, Portfolio, or Contests.

For information on adding content to your custom tab, please read How to Add Content to Your Custom Facebook Tab.

You can view my fan page at

photo credit: joeshlabotnik

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  1. says

    Hey you are really getting a lot of work to facebook since you started freelancing huh? Is it because you have more time or you find it a good client-recruiting place…?

    stratosg´s last blog post – The theme change

    • says

      Hi Stratos – I’m getting visitors to the site from facebook. I’ve getting
      some work from that but mostly to work on facebook rather than WordPress.

  2. says

    Thanks! I finally set up my facebook fan page but it’s sooooo plain!

    I’m curious like Stratos, how is facebook working for you in connecting with potential clients?

    My blog gets some traffic from FB, but I think it’s people posting links in their status updates, because I can’t see where the referrals are coming from.

    Tracy´s last blog post – My two favorite emotions are lucky and enthusiastic

    • says

      Hi Tracy – So far I’m getting more people finding out about me through
      facebook than work. And the work I’ve found that way has been to
      work on facebook, which is fine with me. Facebook is a bit of a pain
      but I find it to be a nice break from WordPress. ;-) Most of my business
      right now is coming from recommendations – people I’ve worked with
      are recommending me to others.

      Yeah – you can see that the referrals come from facebook or
      networked blogs but nothing more specific than that.

    • says

      Hi Vered – Do it all at once when you’re already cranky because facebook
      can be such a pain. It’s not hard but it’s so unintuitive.

  3. Jim says

    I really like how the ASD Facebook page is looking. Great job. And glad to hear its getting people to your site. :-)

  4. Shay says

    Hi there,

    This information that you have provided is brilliant. I am completely new to all of this and wanted to ask:

    In stage 5 of your article “How to Add a Custom Tab to a Facebook Fan Page” where you state information on “Edit FBML” how can I get hold of the correct HTML data to paste in to the “Edit FBML” box?

    Thank you!

  5. says

    Excellent! I was wondering how some people put custom tabs to their pages. I thought it’s a premium option in FB. Thanks for sharing this great piece of information. Added you to my RSS :-)
    .-= Ami´s last blog ..The Tataki-dai Principle =-.

  6. JW says

    The Add to my page link does not appear when I go to the Static FBML page. It only says Add to my page favorites. How can I actually add the application to utilize it? Thanks!

  7. says

    Hi JW – Static FBML is only for fan pages and doesn’t work with profile pages. If you are unable to add it, you are either not the admin of a fan page or you have already added the application to the fan page.

    Otherwise there is a bug in Facebook and I would recommend trying again later.

  8. JW says

    Thanks for your help. Yes we are a biz fan page, I’m the only admin and am logged in as such. I don’t think it is loaded since I’m the only one touching the page. Hmm… I tried again today and no luck.

    Not sure if there is a setting I need to activate or what to get it to work. Any other tips?

    • Jan says

      Were you ever able to get the static FBML “add to page” link? I’m having the same problem and it’s frustrating. We have a published fan page and I’m the admin. Let me know what worked for you.

    • L Jolliffe says

      I am having the same problem…only option is to add to page’s favorites. Did anyone ever figure this out? (yes, this is a business page, I am the admin, I am logged in as admin, the page is published, and it has not been added before…)

      • says

        If the fan page is associated with a business profile rather than a personal profile, the fbml application will not be available. It can’t be used on fan pages associated with business profiles.

        • says

          Thank you for the great post perhaps you can help.

          I have the same problem as mentioned above (only get “add to fav” option.

          What does it mean – associated to a personal profile?

          How do you do that? Can it be changed. You mean to tell me that a major brand like FedEx could only use FBML if Joe Smith profile was tied to it? What if Joe leaves the organization?

          Very confusing

          • Witch Craft says

            Hi, I´m having the same problem – I´m trying since weeks and I just can´t add static FBML – everytime I click on the application link I end up on my personal profile, although I´m admin for the page. So your guess with the personal profile can´t be right cause I do have a personal profile tied to my page.

            • says

              If you have a personal profile associated with the fan page and you can’t add FBML, there must be a different problem. I have no idea what that might be. Try going to Edit Page and scrolling to the bottom – is there a link there to add FBML?

          • says

            Facebook fan pages are tied to personal profiles. If you have a business profile and have made a fan page, you can not add the FBML application. I don’t know why Facebook set it up that way but that’s the way it currently works.

          • Mike says

            I have solved the dilemma of adding applications to pages administered by a facebook business profile. You must still have your own personal account and profile, however. There may be a simpler, ore more direct method, but this is how I accomplished it.

            From your personal profile, become a fan of your page by clicking “Like”. From your business profile, view your page. Open the list of all Fans of your page and scroll down to find your own name. Click “Make Admin”. Logout and log back into your personal account. Search for the Static FBML application and you’ll now be able to “Add to my page”. In the next popup box, you can select any page that you administer. Now view your page from your personal account (search for it if needed). Click “Edit Page” at the top left and you can now pickup from the instructions listed in this article!

            Hope this helps everyone!

  9. shaila says

    Hi ive followed your instruction up till edit page which directs you to the page edit but however when I click on FMBL pencil theres only ‘browse more’ thats comes up in the admin selection theres no edit selection. can you help please

    • says

      Hi John – After you create one FBML box and set it as a tab, go back to edit that box – Edit Page > Name of FBML box > Pencil Icon > Edit. At the bottom will be a link to create another FBML box. Create the new one just like you did the first one. Once it is saved go to Edit Page > Name of new FBML box > Pencil Icon > Application Settings >Add Tab. You can also remove the box.

      The new tab might now show up because there isn’t enough room for it. Click on the arrows on the tab row – you should be able to reorder the tabs by dragging it to the correct location.

  10. Jieun says

    How do I go about having the contents of this custom tab (say it is an image/banner with a click thru) to be featured on the left hand column of a business page??

  11. Tone says

    I’ve added the static fbml app uploaded the following code to box and the email form appears but does not work. this msg appears –

    The page you requested was not found.

    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    * Return home
    * Go back to the previous page

    looking to get a fix for this. Again looking to add a email opt in box to a facebook page






  12. Brandon says

    I’m trying to create a auto responder template and put it on the Fan Page as the instructions above but for some reason the Aweber template will not show up.

    is there limitation on size..etc

    I see John Assaraf has done it and I would like to do the same thing. here is the link to his fan page.

    I would love some help to configure this.

    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi Brandon – Did anything show up? Were there any scripts on the page? Facebook will allow a html form but scripts will not work.

      The content on a tab can currently be 600px but will be reduced to 510px very soon.

    • Emma says


      I love the layout of this page and wondered if Kim or anyone else could help me with my landing page, I have added the image but am having problems with the like box.

      I have used the html code that Facebook provided but it didn’t work and also tried a few others. I then found your share button demo and it worked perfectly the only problem I had is its showing at the side of the page and I would prefer it at the top, do you how I cold place it at the top?

      In terms of the like button are you able to help me with the html or direct me to a demo for the like button text and how to place it at the top of the page?

      Any help would be amazing.

      Best wishes


    • Emma says


      I wondered if Kim or anyone else could help me with my landing page, I have added the image but am having problems with the like box.

      I have used the html code that Facebook provided but it didn’t work and also tried a few others. I then found your share button demo and it worked perfectly the only problem I had is its showing at the side of the page and I would prefer it at the top, do you know how I cold place it at the top?

      In terms of the like button are you able to help me with the html or direct me to a demo for the like button text and how to place it at the top of the page?

      Any help would be amazing.

      Best wishes


  13. Therese Bartolini says

    Hi Kim;

    Thank you for a great tutorial – very helpful.

    I have followed your instructions and created a tab that contains my content (rather than a Box), I would however also really like to have the content of the tab show up in the left hand column. Is this possible when using tabs?

    Thank you again for sharing your insights, much appreciated.

  14. Paul says

    Hi Kim,
    Really great blog!

    So I created a new tab on my fan page but I have a few questions:
    1. Is it possible to embed a picture into this new tab? (Specifically if the picture is not already on the net somewhere) (Can you add the pic to facebook and reference that?)

    2. Is is possible to change the background color of the tab? Do you have any examples of how?

    Thanks in advance !

  15. says

    Hi Paul – If an image doesn’t exist on another server, the only images that can be used are the logo for the fan page or your profile picture. And then FBML code must be used to make it work. It’s a lot easier to upload the pictures somewhere and link to them.

    As far as I know the actual color of the tab can’t be changed but you can change the background color of the fan page. That would require inline CSS or pulling in a style sheet that sounds the color of the background.

  16. Candace says

    kim im trying to add the fbml to my page but its not giving me the option to it only says add to favorites? please help me thanks

  17. Hannah says

    Hi Kim!

    I was trying to add a tab, but after I added it, I went to edit it and deleted it instead. Now when I try to add a tab again, my fan page doesn’t show up in the list…how would I fix this??

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • says

      Hi Hannah – The fan page is missing? If you didn’t delete it, that is odd. I would do a Facebook search for it and also try logging out of Facebook and back in. It sounds like Facebook bugginess to me.

      • Hannah says

        Sorry, I should have clarified: I was trying to install it, and editing the tab didn’t work, so (like any tech newbie) I thought that deleting and reinstalling it would solve the problem. Is there any way to recover/relink it FBML once that’s happened?

        • says

          Hi Hannah – Maybe. See if you still have the Static FBML app and go to add a new instance of it. At the bottom is a add new link. Frequently when I add a new instance of FBML for a new tab old FBML blocks/tabs come back – even ones that I really wanted to be deleted.

          If it doesn’t come back when you do this, then, unfortunately, the code is gone and it will need to be recreated.

  18. Ahmed Faran says

    Thank you…
    thank you……
    thank you……..
    thank you………
    thank you……………. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Much… My biggest headache is solved through this article…

    T H A N K S


  19. says

    Hello Kim.

    Thank you for taking the time to instruct people on Facebook customization. I cannot believe how non-intuitive it is to set up business pages :(

    I tried to follow your instructions to set up a custom tab.

    When I get to Step 2 and go to the FBML app page, I am not presented with an option to “Add to My Page” – the only option I see is “Add to my pages’s favorites”.

    Can you provide any advice on what’s going on?

    Thanks so much.


    • says

      Hi – I’ve found that if you don’t have the option to add the app to your page that you have either added it before or you aren’t the admin of the page. Are you the admin of the page that you are trying to add the application to?

    • L Jolliffe says

      I am having the same problem… the only option I get is to “add to my page’s favorites” – no option to “add to my page”. This is a business page, I am the admin, I am logged in as admin, and I have never added it before. Did you ever figure this out?

      • Hillary says

        I am having the same issue as L. Jolliffe. Any suggestions? All the same circumstances are the same for me.

        Thank you,


          • Hillary says

            Correct, in my case this is a business account for an agency which manages fan pages for clients (other businesses).

            So a customized tab can only be created using FBML with a personal profile?

          • L Jolliffe says

            My fan page is for my business. Facebook specifically states that businesses cannot have personal pages, only business pages. I thought static fbml was only available for business pages anyway, and not available for personal profiles.

          • says

            That is only half the problem. When I was setting up my account, I read on Facebook in countless comments that the FBML App was only for business pages and not for profile pages. Then I read that you can’t add Apps with a business page. Then I read that you can add FBML to a fan page. Then I read that a business page and a fan page are the same thing. Then I read that you can’t have a fan page unless you have a personal profile. This is all from clicking on Facebook’s Help link and FAQs. With help like that, it’s no wonder I and others have been banging our heads wondering what we were doing wrong.

            Look at how many people on your site alone asked the same question. I’ve seen it on many other sites as well. What does that tell you? It means a lot of people are being fed bull**** advice straight from Facebook. People are asking this question because they are not being told from the beginning that you can’t add Apps with a business page, which I just found out after reading from several sources that the FBML App is for business pages. Had I known this from the beginning and not been given erroneous information from numerous sources, I wouldn’t have been pulling my hair out trying to install it. When that many people are asking the same question, doesn’t anyone wonder where we are getting the information from? The answer is Facebook itself.

            I am not directing this at you but at Facebook itself. Hopefully someone who is having the same problem will read this and save themselves a whole lot of time and trouble.

  20. jenny says

    I lovelovelove your blog- you’re my secret weapon for making my fanpage a wow!
    I’ve got a question for you: I’m sad to see boxes go away! I don’t know html or fbml, and I’m worried that my fb page is doomed to nothing but wall posts. Are there good wysiwyg apps out there (ha! What a strange question to ask an html pro, huh?). I’m not looking to do anything fancy- just create special tabs containing images for brand updates and special offers.
    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Jenny – Thank you so much :-)

      There isn’t a wysiwig app on Facebook to work with the custom tab. You could, however, use one on your computer to create the layout and then copy the code over. Keep in mind though that you don’t want to start the page like a regular html page – you would remove the html, head and body beginning and ending tags and just start with the code.

      I’m hoping to offer some templates to help people get started in the near-ish future.

  21. says

    I am having trouble editing the FBML tab. Once I added FBML to my page, I clicked on the BOXES tab- then the picture of the pencil (in the FBML box). The only options available are MOVE TO WALL TAB and REMOVE BOX (the EDIT BOX option is grey & not available). Does this mean that we can no longer make custom tabs on Facebook?


  22. says

    Hi Brandi – Try this

    1. Go to the Fan Page
    2. Click on Edit
    3. Find the FBML box that you just added
    4. Click on Application Settings
    5. Select Add under Tab and Remove under Box.

  23. says

    Hi Hilary – Unfortunately, that is correct. Personally, I was not aware of this
    limitation until recently as I have only worked with fan pages associated with profiles. I actually thought something was wrong with the pages until
    I came across that Facebook help page.

  24. says

    Hi L Jollife – I think it’s all very confusing and don’t know why they have different types of fan pages for different types of accounts.

    Applications, like Static FBML, can not be added to a personal profile. But a personal profile can set up a fan page that is tied to their business. For example, I have a personal profile, Kim Woodbridge, and a fan page associated with that profile, (Anti) Social Development.

    If I set up a business profile I can make a fan page associated with it but it has limitations.

    I don’t know why Facebook set it up this way and think it is unnecessarily complicated and confusing. Keep in mind that I’m just
    the messenger that is repeating information found via a google search.

    • L Jolliffe says

      Is there a solution to this besides deleting my current account and starting over? That would mean I lose all my fans that I currently have…

  25. Zing says

    i read your reply to paul in regards to the background. do you hav any examples of the codes?

  26. Jennifer says

    Dear Kim,

    thank you so much for your great tutorial! I have created a welcome tab, but I would like it to become my starting page. Any idea of how I could do it? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,

      It can only be set for new visitors to your page. Once someone is already a fan they will be taken straight to the the wall – that can’t be changed.

      Go to Edit Page > Wall Settings, Edit, Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else – select the custom tab

  27. Scott says

    Tw questions…

    1. How did you create that custom link?
    2. How do I set my page so the visitor does NOT need to be signed into facebook in order to view the page?

    Thank you.

  28. says

    Hi Scott,

    1. Which custom link?
    2. Go to Edit Settings > Settings and check the age restrictions. I’ve heard that it’s not available to everyone it might not be indexed by google. If it’s a brand new page, it might take a bit to get indexed.

  29. Steve says

    Hi Kim,

    thank you for the information-unfortunatly I cannot see the “Add to my site” link on the fbml app site-there is only “add to favourites” visible. I have a company page and I am the adminstrator-but i cannot see it .

    • says

      Hi Steve – Has it already been added? You might already have the application which is why you can’t add it again.

      Also, if you have a business profile with a fan page then the application can’t be added. Fan pages associated with business profiles can’t be customized.

      • Steve says

        Hi Kim, no it hasn’t been added yet. From the very beginning I could not see “Add to my site”.
        I have creted a site with “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.” and the selected “Brand, product, or organization”- I do have fans yes but I also saw other brand/company websites with modified tabs by fbml.

        • says

          Hi Steve – I think part of the problem is that Facebook’s terminology is very confusing. A “business” fan page can be associated with a personal profile or with a business profile. Personal profiles are much more flexible than business ones – I think your fan page must be associated with a business profile, which is why you can’t add the application to it.

          I don’t know how far along you are with this but if you want to customize the fan page you will need to remove your business profile and fan page and then create a personal profile and make a fan page that is associated with it.

          You can also ask facebook to convert your business account to a personal one. I don’t know how successful people have been with that but it can be done.

          • Steve says

            ok now its clear…i created a normal profile and now I could access the fbml…thank you !!!

  30. says

    I have the awful feeling that Facebook won’t allow you to add custom applications to accounts that do not have a personal profile attached. I have a few business pages, and for the business account there is no way to add custom applications to its pages. The option to add to any page never appears, and yes they are Fan pages, and yes I am the admin.

    Facebook is basically still broken when it comes to business pages, because it was never designed for them. Yet instead of allowing a relatively simple solution — let a business have faux personal profile — they tell you to just create a business page, despite the fact that without a personal profile, much of the site is broken. Because it was never designed to work without a personal profile.

    • says

      Hi Scott – You are absolutely right. The best thing for a business to do is have someone with a personal profile and then make a fan page associated with that profile, if customizations are required.

      The problem with that is if that individual stops working for the business the fan page can’t be transferred to another individual’s profile. That could lead to a number of problems.

  31. says

    So I seem to be encountering the problems that others are having, in that in trying to set up a business fan page for a business FB account (I have no personal FB account–have avoided it until now), I cannot add the Static FBML app.

    I assume that if I were to switch over to a personal profile and create by business fan page from there, I’d be able to add the app, and build all the wonderful customizations that others have (such as a Welcome tab).

    Facebook’s logic in all this is incomprehensible to me, but I’ll save that rant for another day.

    My question is: If I create the personal profile, will my name then be visible all over Facebook? I have no personal interest in participating in Facebook, only a business interest. I only want my business identity available in FB. Will I be able to keep my “worlds separate”?

    I appreciate any insights anyone may have.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..More Ideas for Your Wedding Processional =-.

    • says

      Hi Dave – You are correct about the fan page linked to a personal profile and one linked to a business profile. The one linked to a business profile can’t have applications like Static FBML added to it – I have no idea why FB set it up this way.

      You can make the personal profile settings pretty secure – so that info is only available to friends. It also isn’t readily apparent who the admin of a fan page is. But if you are concerned about privacy, you probably don’t want a Facebook personal profile.

    • Laura says

      Dave – I just went through the same thing. What I ended up doing was going to the top of the business page to the “create my profile” button. I made a personal profile, but it is essentially blank – no photos, names, etc. I also went into the privacy settings and entered the highest privacy settings possible. My personal profile won’t even come up in a search. It is almost as though it doesn’t exist. And if for some reason someone did stumble upon it, there is nothing there to see. On a related note, if you ever go to set a custom username for your fan page, realize that you will be setting one for your personal profile first, and only after that will you be able to set one for your fan page. Don’t worry, that won’t affect any privacy settings.

  32. says

    Kim you are an absolute wealth of information. Thank you soooo much for all of the time you have put into answering all of us confused people :)

    I have 2 questions for you.

    1: I am trying to put a youtube html code into my FBML box but it comes up blank. Can this be fixed?

    2: I’ve had a look at your page and it looks like you have 6 or 7 boxes on the one page. HOW did you do that?
    According to step 9 ” you can’t add more fbml boxes to the custom tab so everything you want under this tab needs to be contained in that one box.” – so does this mean that everything that is on YOUR page has been created in ONE FBML box? If so, how do you place info from left to right and sectioned off etc?

    Many thanks for your expertise.

  33. tom says

    hi how do you make the sort of page where you have to become a fan/like the page to see the pic please help

  34. Jose A. says

    Hi. I have made 5 fbml static pages. Then, with fb:tabs I have created a second row of tabs linking to them. Up to here everything is fine. The problem arrives when I choose not to show tabs for the fbml pages, since I don’t want them to clutter the Facebook tabs. They become inaccessible via their link. Even keeping them added to the box, the link redirects to my user’s wall. Is there a solution to this? I mean, there isn’t much point in offering the tab as an option when unselecting it seems to unpublish the page. Thanks so much for your help.

  35. Derek says

    Hello, and thanks for this very helpful page.

    I’m having problems with a custom tab I’ve added to our facebook page. The html page shows up OK under the “boxes” tab but under the actual custom tab, the page comes up blank. Have you ever come across something like this, or have any idea what the source of the problem might be? Thanks!

    • Derek says

      Just a quick update that I solved the problem by working around it, ditching the css inherited from our website and using a simple html table to do the positioning. Using that new html, the problem went away, suggesting it had something to do with the complex css we were using. Not sure exactly what the cause of the problem was, though.

      • says

        Hi Derek – I’m glad you resolved the problem. I suppose there was something in the code that Facebook didn’t like. You did what I would have done – removed the code line by line until I found the source of the problem.

  36. says

    Hockey – When I first made a fan page, all I had on Facebook was a personal profile and I didn’t know all that much about fan pages. At that time, about a year ago, I didn’t even know there was a difference between fan pages for business profiles and for personal profiles.

    Facebook’s documentation is a mess, they barely have any customer support, and the terminology is confusing. I completely agree with you on all of those points.

    You might be interested in this open letter to facebook written last week.

    • says

      Kim, thanks for the link. I read every single comment and it opened my eyes to many more existing problems with Facebook and has me reconsidering my options. As a matter of fact, I already used one of those options and created a “business page” at Myspace. I know it’s not nearly as popular as Facebook but I was able to achieve everything I wanted to with Myspace without any of the absurd restrictions imposed by FB.

      For now I will leave my FB business page idle and maybe someday FB will pull its head out of its butt. If that happens, I might return to it but until then FB is useless as a business page.

  37. says

    I don’t speak computer but i have managed to get this tab done thanks to your instructions. Now my problem is putting anything into the box. What i want is to put pics with click on links to my website.
    I have tried dragging the link into the box but it doesn’t open anything up.
    I am horribly stupid & dyslexic, how do i get the HMTL for my site info i want linked?

    I am guessing you do this for a living? And if so can i just pay you (or can you recommend someone?) to do it? Otherwise i may end up kicking this laptop…..

    • says

      Hi Bink – You would need to know html to customize the static FBML box. You can’t drag and drop and it’s not a visual editor.

      This is part of what I do for a living. You can email me, if you like. My contact information is on the top left of the page.

  38. says

    how do you make it so the custom tab can only be viewed after clicking like (i.e. becoming a fan)? I can’t find the info anywhere!

  39. Akin says

    hi kim,

    i have added a blog tab to my facebook fan page but i don’t know how to import a blog into it. could you please show me the way ?

  40. Akin says

    hi again kim, i made a custom tab by using fbml, and I want to import my blog to this tab. i didnt like the networkedblog thing it directs the original blog. i want the visitors to stay in fb. how can i do that ? or is there a way to change the “notes” tab’s name ?

    • says

      Akin – A custom application needs to be used to import a feed directly into a custom tab. Custom apps tend to be pricey.

      The Notes tab can’t be renamed.

  41. Meghan says

    Hi Kim,
    I put a comment box in a static fbml tab, which works great except that I’d like to be able to monitor it much like wall, so I tried wrapping it in an if statement like this:

    where the uid is my id and the xid for both is the same. However then I can’t see the comment wall at all. Is what I’m trying to do possible or is there another way I might moderate this comment box?

    Thanks for your time.

  42. zena says

    VERY helpful, thanks so much! Quick Q: is there anyway to insert a link within the FBML text box?

  43. zena says

    oh one more Q: When adding a new FBML tab, is there anyway to have the “re-named” title of it show on the profile page? it just says “boxes” still, even though it allows the title to be changed under ‘edit’

    • says

      The fbml tab isn’t replacing the boxes tab – it’s creating a new tab. If you don’t see it along the row of tabs, click on the arrow to the right of the tabs and it should be down there. You can drag it to the top row to the right of Info.

  44. says

    Ok, I have everything in my tab expept the photos aren’t showing up. Where do I need to have the photos uploaded to in order to direct the html to the right place? I hope that makes sense, I am not the most savy html talker :)

    Hope you can help me! Thanks for everything else tho

    • says

      Hi Sarah – You need to have them on your server or somewhere else that you can host photos or files. The html for the images then links to that location.

  45. john says

    i can.t get Static FBML on my facebook all i get is No friends useing this
    wan i click in add to my page what can i do ?

    • says

      Hi John – It needs to be a fan page associated with a personal profile not a business profile. Also make sure that you aren’t trying to add it to a community page or group. FBML doesn’t work with personal profiles either.

  46. Ginn says

    Hi Kim — for some reason, when I add my FBML, it appears fine on the tab, other than the fact that my the entire left side of the page has the same content as you would find if I were on my default fan page or wall page for instance. I can’t seem to find any setting to surpress this and only show the FBML content. Oddly, i have another facebook page where the left panel is surpressed, so either i have a setting wrong, or something changed.

    Any ideas if I am missing something? By the way, I like your site. thanks for sending the link.

    • says

      Hi Ginn – On the pages on which I am the admin I am seeing them the way you describe. On other pages they are still the “old” way. If you are the admin on both of those pages, I’m not quite sure why you are seeing one with the sidebar and one without. It’s possible Facebook is rolling out the changes differently than we expect.


  47. Karianne says

    Hi Kim, I am trying to find out how to have the content in an fbml tab be an iframe. Do you have or know where I can find a “recipe” for that? assuming it is possible to put an iframe there…
    any info or hint would be much appreciated :)

  48. says

    Since FB has made changes to fbml, is there a new way of creating custom tabs for fan or like pages? I’d really like to create something. Thanks!

  49. says


    could you please help me, as it seems facebook is just ignoring my plight for 3 weeks already. my facebook fanpage is gone. we are 2 administrators, and it doesn’t come on search or our pages list anymore. none of our fans can see it, nor us the administrators.

    we did not delete it, and it has been gone for 3 weeks already?


    • says

      Hi Herman – Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can do. Facebook needs to resolve this for and they have really poor customer service. The best I can tell you is to keep trying to contact them.

  50. Christine says

    Hey Kim, I think you’re amazing for helping us…thanks so much!
    My question is I started a fan page for my church and uploaded pictures. Is there anyway you can have it as a box on the left hand side & not just a tab?!? Please help!!! :(

  51. Iris says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for this article!

    I just don’t seem to get it to work the way I want it to… I added the static fbml app and customized the tab. But it doesn’t seem to grab the html code I pasted into it. Do you think this is because it refers to a custom made video player (an application, really) through which multiple videos can be watched? Code starts with ‘<object…..' etc.

    This app that I am trying to put in the tab, has actually been made into a facebook app, but you can't add it to a fan page nor is there a tab available (that's why I was so excited to read about the static fbml work around!).

    Do you have any suggestions to make this work?


    • says

      Hi Iris – The object is probably the problem. Did you try removing it to see if the rest of the html works properly? Any sort of script object is not allowed by Facebook on a fbml tab.

      • Iris says

        Yes I tried that, so the object could be the problem. We’re trying something else now. Thanks for your help!

  52. Callie Domingues says

    Hi! I wanted to say ‘Thank You!’ for the wonderful and clear instructions on how to add a custom tab. It was so easy and it is so nice to see the new tab. Brilliant, thanks so much!

  53. Aizen says

    Hi Kim, It work and now its on my facebook like page tab. But one thing that I dont really understand. Under the box title writed FBML. What should I write or paste at there? My tab is work but nothing appear. Please teach me~

    • says

      Hi Mark – Is it a page associated with a profile or with a business page. If it’s a business page, you won’t be able to use FBML.

      Also, sometimes Facebook is buggy – you could try removing the app and adding it again.

  54. says

    This article is now outdated, unfortunately Facebook have deprecated FBML and even if you can create tabs at the moment like this, they’ll be disappearing soon.

  55. Jim says

    Though FBML is similar to regular HTML codes, I better stick to HTML. I can add jQuery and PHP to my code easily, and I think that’s not a problem for most web developers. Another cool feature is to use Facebook developers API to integrate core functions – share, invite, comment, reviews.. don’t u agree?


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