How to Create a Custom Facebook Fan Page

Fan (by Bohman)

Update 2/17/11: After March 11, 2011 the Static FBML application will no longer be available. It will continue to work on existing custom tabs but all new tabs will need to be created with Iframes. Please see my tutorial on how to create a custom Facebook page tab with Iframes.

Please note: This information will soon be outdated by changes that Facebook will be making to boxes and the boxes tab. Please read my new article Upcoming Facebook Changes to Boxes and the Box Tab that Will Impact Your Custom Fan Pages.

It has accidentally become Facebook week. I did not plan this and originally was only going to use the post I wrote on Monday about not integrating Twitter and Facebook. But then a question in the comments inspired me to write the tutorial for deleting and editing Facebook applications. So, today I will round it off with information on Facebook fan pages.

I recently created a Facebook fan page for this website and my business. Prior to this I was sending business information through my personal Facebook page. While I still do this with my blog posts, my personal page contains too much goofiness, like links to new Monkey Island videos, to be considered professional. The fan page contains some of articles, reviews of my work and links of interest about WordPress and freelancing.

I learned quite a bit about Facebook while making the fan page and discovered some applications that are really useful.


At the bottom left of fan or business pages is a link that says ‘Create A Page For My Business’. Clicking on this will get your started. You pretty much just need to name the page and say that you have the right to create it.

Facebook then creates a default page with the Wall and tabs for the other basic applications such as Info, Boxes, Events and Notes. The Wall, Info, and Boxes tabs can not be removed. It used to be possible to rename certain tabs like Boxes but apparently this stopped working with the last Facebook update. This will become more important a little later in the article.

Useful Applications

The following Facebook applications are very useful for a fan/business page. There are others that I tried but these were my favorites.

  1. My Google Calendar – This app allows you to add a public google calendar to your page. I currently have a tab for this and a small calendar on the boxes tab. I wanted to test how this worked because it would be very useful for some people.I don’t really have any events that I am attending or scheduled seminars so I don’t have much use for it and will probably remove it.
  2. Extended Info – With this application you can add extra fields to your information section. The app supports html/fbml, images, video and music so you do a lot with it. I didn’t like the way it actually displayed on my Info tab so I added a custom section under the Boxes tab.
  3. My LinkedIn Profile – This adds a little button with a link to your LinkedIn Profile. It can go on the Wall or Boxes page.
  4. My Stuff – This app makes it easy to add content that contains embed code such as a video, or slideshow presentation. I tested this with the Jing video I created for a post last Winter. I have removed the video but am still planning on using the application.
  5. Networked Blogs – I was already using this application for this blog and on my personal facebook profile. By using it on the fan page, I also have a blog tab that lists my recent articles.
  6. FBML – This is by far the most useful application for creating a custom page. It allows you to add almost any fbml/html code to boxes that can be displayed on your Wall or Boxes tab. I used this to add the logo under ‘Welcome to (Anti) Social Development’ and the Networks sections. The images reside on my own server and I used html to display the images and text and pull them to the facebook page. Just about anything you can think of can be done with this application to customize your page – although you do need to know at least some html. The only real constraint is the dimensions of the main area and the side column. Here is a link to an image on Flickr that lays out the dimensions of all the sections on the Boxes tab.

Other useful applications are Links, Notes, Events, and Discussion Board. These are standard and easy enough to locate and utilize.

Earlier in the article I mentioned that tabs could no longer be renamed. This is too bad because Boxes has no meaning and the tab would be SO much more useful if I could call it (Anti) Social Development. I really hope Facebook brings that feature back. Because it is easier to customize the Boxes tab than the main Wall tab (mostly due to space issues) I have made that the page that people see when they first come to my fan page. After they fan me, they will be brought immediately to the Wall tab. You can set this under Edit Page > Wall Settings > Edit (under the little pencil) > Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else.


Do you use other applications that you find useful? There are a ton of them out there and I tested quite a few but these are the ones that worked out the best for what I needed.

Well, that’s about all for now. If you would like assistance setting up a fan page or using the fbml application, you can contact/hire me. And, please feel free to fan me up. I get geekily excited when people fan the site when I haven’t specifically invited them to do so ;-)

photo credit: Bohman

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    • says

      Hi Stratos – It took some time to make it but updating it is easy. Just a
      couple of minutes here and there.

      I was asked if I knew how to customize them so I learned how to do it –
      it looks like it could be an additional source of income.

  1. Jim says

    I’m so glad you created the fan page. We’re already fans, but its cool to be able to see it in writing. ;-)

    Its an awesome idea. Looks like you learned a lot too. :-) Should maybe help you with clients too down the road.

    • says

      Hi Jim – I did learn a lot – the most important thing I learned is that
      facebook is annoying to use. :-)

      And people are asking for this service so I think it was time well spent.

    • says

      Hi – Thank you. I only started it two weeks ago so I haven’t yet seen
      any tangible benefits. I think I need more fans that aren’t my friends for
      that to happen.

      What has come from this, however, is that people are asking me to make custom pages for them.

    • says

      Hi Barbara – It took a bit of time to initially set up but if you know a little
      html there’s a lot you can do using the fbml application.

  2. says

    I also created a fan page for OneMint recenlty. More out of curiosity than anything else. To my surprise some people showed interest in it so I was thinking of doing a bit more on that. This article is timely for me in that respect. I am sure I will use the logo and the networked blogs thing. Not sure what else I can use.

    • says

      Hi Manshu – If you know any html the best way to customize is with the
      fbml application. The extended information app is really useful too.

      I’m a fan now ;-)

  3. says

    Woohoo! I am going to try to finish my fan page next week.

    I’m also trying to figure out how to make my #&%(&) app work. I might have to give up and ask the guy that sold it to me to install it. It’s a gift app that lets people gift things from my blog. Either it will be a catastrophic failure or it will be brilliant!

    Tracy´s last blog post – Paying the Piper

  4. says

    Hi Kami – It comes with a fan or group page when you set up the page.
    Initially it is on the wall page – by clicking the pencil/edit icon you can move
    it to the boxes tab.

  5. Mark Wasserman says

    Great article about setting up fan pages, they really are a great way to attract new people to any business.

    I wanted to let you know about another easy addition to Facebook fan pages (or just regular profiles), and that’s the ffwdPlayer. Once you add the app, you can automatically include all the videos from a YouTube account or any RSS feed. That way you don’t have to keep uploading videos to Facebook.

    Try it out here:

  6. says

    Thanks for this post. I was recently asked to create a facebook page for a nonprofit – this post gave me some valuable pointers for accomplishing it. Much appreciation!

  7. says

    Hi, really helpful, but I cant see how to create the extra fields for the info section. can you help?

  8. Adam says

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for all of your insight. I have a personal facebook page, and am in the process of trying to create a fan page for my business. But for some reason I am having trouble editing the fan page. I was able to add the “Extended Info” box, but can’t figure out how to move it to the left side of the page like you did. And for some reason I don’t have a “Boxes” tab on my page, just Wall, Info, Photos, and Extended Info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Adam – Did you make a fan/business page or a group page? I don’t
      have any experience with a group page but maybe that’s why you are running into problems. Also, if you could send me the link to the page, I could take a look at it.

  9. says


    I was sitting down to upgrade the Bookmarks Magazine page on Facebook and was lost at first. So I googled … and who should turn up but you of course. Many, many thanks for sharing your expertise. The page is a work in progress, but I had to take a break to say how much I appreciated this!

    • says

      Hi Jon – The page looks great! And I’m so glad the article was helpful.
      I knew when I struggled making my page that I had to share what I
      learned. Facebook, while seemingly easy to use, is poorly designed.

      And I’m really glad that the Bookmarks fan page is being updated :-)

  10. says

    Thanks for your advice, been really helpful. But tell me how can i show my ‘notes’ box as a seperate item. some have it on bottom left? is there a way to do this?

    • says

      Hi Bob – On a fan page go to

      Edit Page > Notes and click on the little pencil in the upper right. Select Application Settings and then click Add for a Box. This will put it on the Boxes page. Go to the boxes page click on the little pencil in the Notes section and select move to Wall. Once it is on the Wall you can click/drag it to the location that you want. If Notes is already on the Wall then you click on the pencil and select move to Boxes.

  11. says


    This article is quite helpful. Thanks.

    I’ve been wanting to create a fan page to promote my blog. Here’s my problem — I blog anonymously. As I understand it, if I use my Facebook profile to create the fan page I will be listed as the first fan, outing my identity. Any suggestions for a solution? Can one start — and manage — a fan page and somehow hide one’s own identity from other fans and people viewing the fan page?



    • says

      Hi Ken – As far as I know you can’t do that. If you create the fan page, you
      will be listed as the admin of the page. You can, however, have someone else make the page and be the admin of it.

    • says

      Hi Lex – I think the best way to get it back is to remove on of the applications on your page. Then re-add it and it should default to the boxes tab, which will bring that tab back. You can also try moving one of the applications on your wall page to the boxes tab, which might bring the tab back too.

    • says

      Hi Lex – I don’t. Facebook has a lot of help but it can be difficult to locate
      the right information. I usually do a google search to find an answer to
      any questions I have.

  12. says

    how did you set up a ‘linkedin’ link and links to ‘twitter’ etc on your ‘fan’ page?

    • says

      Hi Bob,

      Facebook has a linkedin application. The link to is in the article.

      I used the Static FBML application to add the links to my social networking sites. The link to that application is listed in the article too.
      You do need to know html to use it.

  13. says

    Do you HAVE to have a FB profile to create a Fan Page? My friend has both but wants to delte the Profile. Can we do this??

    • says


      You have to have a facebook account to create a fan page. Each account creates an individual profile. I think your friend needs to keep the profile but he could make it completely private and then use the fan page to interact with other users.

  14. Ayla De Moraes says

    Hi Kim, we want to create a fan page as we think this is better for us than a group, but we have seen other fan pages have different applications such as for a coffee company we have seen has a tab called “machines” with information on all their machines.

    Do you know how this works and how you go about finding out how much these cost etc??


    • says

      Hi Ayla,

      Some fan pages use customized applications that developers build for them. Without seeing the page, my guess is that they made a custom tab and then used Static FBML to put in the custom content using html. If you send a link to the page, I could tell for sure.

  15. Grant Criddle says

    Hi Kim, very helpful post! Thank you. Listen, I’m curious how one goes about placing the FBML boxes themselves on a page. This site for instance: has a number of organized boxes containing text and graphics. I’m just starting with this, so I don’t understand how to get the boxes into the middle of the page like that. The only option I see is the tab or the side wall.

    • says

      Hi Grant – I’m pretty sure that page is using a custom application to achieve that layout. If Static FBML is used to make and name a custom tab, there is only one column to place content and that gives the stacked look that you have run into.

      • says

        Kim, have you figured out how the “stacking” of boxes is achieved? I noticed that you were playing around with the Social Bees pages on your FB Business Page.

        • says

          Grant – It’s done through html and CSS. Each “box” is a defined area with a border around it but it’s still all one block of code.

          I need to set up a test area – I was playing around with their code and then left it there – not too bright :-)

  16. says

    This is great.

    Wonder if you can answer a question: I created a fan page for our group and as the administrator, every time I post tot he fan page, my post automatically displays the home page image of the Fan Page. From time to time I would like to respond to posts as myself (showing my own Facebook picture) to have a more personal interaction with members. instead as the name of the Fan Page. Is there any way to do this?

  17. says

    Do fan pages have a “news feed”?
    For instance, can i get updates on what my fans are doing? In the same way that on my personal profile page, I get updates on what my friends are doing.

    Or is that a concept that only applies to profiles/friends…not pages/fans?

    Usually, the way I would see my news feed (I believe they call it a “stream” now) is by clicking on ‘Home’ in the top left corner. But I cannot do that for my fan page, because it just takes me to the home page of the account “person” that I created the fan page

    • says

      Hi Chris – A fan page doesn’t have a news stream like the profile page. If you are a fan of page, their news will show up in your profile news stream but not the other way around.

  18. says

    So a “Fan Page” cannot go out and post stuff on their fans’ walls the way a “Profile” (i.e. real person/individual) can go out and post stuff on their friends’ walls.

    This is the reason why I asked the question. I was hoping to be able to interact with my fans at their profile page, not just my fan page wall. That way, there would be an opportunity for my fan page to get exposed to my fans’ friends.

    Does that make sense?

    • says

      As far as I know, that’s right.

      If a fan page could post links on my profile page, I would view that as spam and would delete it and probably stop being a fan of that page. I can view the fan page updates in my news stream and share them to my profile, if I think my friends will interested in the information.

    • says

      Chris, if you post a link (along with any commentary you add), it will show up on your fan’s feed. If the link is related to why I became a fan, I would view that as value.

  19. says

    Well, the reason why I’d like to be able to post to people’s wall (as a “fan page”) would be so that I could interact with my fans in “regular” ways – non business related.

    I realize that anything I post to the wall will show up in their feed, but that’s kind of a one-way convesation (me talking at them). It’d be nice to be able to just comment on stuff on their wall – a photo they posted, whatever, and not be business-like all the time. You know?

  20. Jeff says

    Hi Kim,

    I created a new fan page with a different profile. I decided to keep my business stuff and personal stuff separate on Facebook. I do have a question: How do you add the flag icon that is at the top of your fan page? I noticed this flag was not on my previous fan page. But I noticed this flag icon is on other Facebook fan pages. Any suggestions on how to add this?

  21. says

    Hi Kim, not sure if anyone has asked this. how did you create the ‘box’ called ‘network’ with your logos inside( twitter,flickker etc),

    • says

      Hi Bob,

      I used the Static FBML application to make that box. That app allows you to do almost anything providing you know some HTML. The icons are on my server and I am pulling them from there and then linking to my various profiles.

  22. says

    Great post. I just recently had a client ask me to create a custom Fan Page on Facebook and I never have done it before but said I would figure it out. This post really helped and the final product ( gave me a new idea of offering this service in my company at a fraction of the price all others are doing it. I think these new “Facebook Websites” could be a great way for business owners to stand out on Facebook. It is also a good way to look different if you are using it for personal reason.

    Thank you author

    Jarrett Gucci

  23. says

    Seems like FaceBook is becoming a very powerful tool to promote a brand or service. The largest growing population on FB is age 35 and older. They have doubled their users this year and out of the 300 million users, half of them log on any given day.

    With these stats my company has mastered the custom page coding. Visit to see a sample of how FB can promote your business.

  24. Cindy Nielson says

    Just created a fan page, so I’m excited about checking some of this stuff out. However I do have just one question, Just one, when I write stuff on y Fan Page Wall it doesn’t post to any of my Fan’s wall. Isn’t it suppose to? Otherwise, it’s not much good for marketing. Hope you can find time to respond.

    • says

      Hi Cindy – It won’t show up on your fan’s walls but it will show up in the news stream. I’m a fan of a lot of pages and it would be annoying if all of their updates appeared on my wall but I do catch the updates in the news stream.

  25. Heidi says

    Hi Kim! Your article is very helpful. I especially love the application recommendations. Two questions:

    All of the HTML apps seem to want the photo URLs rather than allowing you to upload them from your hard drive. I’m wondering if you know of a way around this?

    Can you provide a resource for creating custom tabs?

    I’m excited to get my page into gear!

  26. says

    Can’t see my fan page without logging In?
    I have a facebook fan page with almost 500 fans, I would like to know if it is possible to see the page without logging in. I found other pages that you can see it.
    For example:
    My page: (without log in goes to the login page)
    Other Page: (goes directly to the page)

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance for your help


    • says

      Hi Paulo – Check the age restrictions for the page.

      Edit Page > Settings > Age Restrictions

      It seems to work when it is set to anyone. Of course, if not all ages should be viewing it then don’t set it to anyone.

      It may also be a Facebook indexing issue.

  27. Jon says

    New to Facebook. Created a Fan Page for my Band by clicking on Create a Page for a Celebrity, band or bussiness.
    Been using it for about 3 months now and have about 100 Fans, a lot of photos posted, etc…
    I can send Updates to Fans, but i can’t send invites to our gigs.
    Was I supposed to create a Group instead?
    Or, do I now need to create a Profile for the band first and then create a Group?
    When I tried to create a Profile, from the Fan Page… I tried using my same email address and band name (for name). Wouldn’t allow me. Do I need to have ANOTHER email address to create a Profile? Was I supposed to create a Profile first, then a Fan Page, then a Group?
    Confused slightly.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  28. says

    Hi Jon – What I would do is continue using the Fan page that you already have and use the Events Application. It should be in your list of available apps under Edit Page. You can set it to be a tab and then add events/gigs to it. Once you do that, you should be able to send invites to the event.

    I haven’t actually tried it but I think it will work.

  29. says

    Is it true that one can only have so many people as fans (5000). So if you want to put a non-profit org on facebook what is best? A cause page, a facebook page, a facebook group? I see that many non-profits have a facebook profile which is not allowed. So how can they change from a personal profile for their org to one of the other facebook options?
    .-= Joni´s last blog ..Two lab mixes headed to animal control =-.

  30. says

    Really good information in this post. Thanks a lot for sharing. I find the FBML application a “must have” for any facebook business page. I’ve used it very successfully on my own facebook page and even some clients.

  31. says


    Very interesting article …

    We built a light weight app specifically for the purpose of enabling ‘Welcome Tab’.

    Check it out here –

    I will really appreciate if you include a mention to it in your article.

    We are going to add some serious level of analytic to this app + other planned apps so that owners can see how much traffic they are getting.

    Rajat Garg

  32. says

    Hi Kim,

    Brilliant post !!!. I was looking for information on creating a facebook page and by chance visited this site. I am glad i did.

    Can you please some doubts which i have. I am sure you don’t mind helping a novice like me.

    1. What’s the difference between facebook page and facebook fan page

    2. I have created a page

    and would like to customize it using FBML application. I don’t see any “Become a Fan” link on this page. Why ?

    3. Is the above page a Facebook page or Fan page.

  33. Atul says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the article.

    Sorry that you could not find the links. In my eagerness to experiment, i deleted the links …

    But you can check out the link –

    Afrer creating this page ( or its a profile page ) , I added another page by clicking on create a page link and added a page – ( which i suppose is a fan page, right ? )

    But i would like to change the url of this fan page to something useful like

    How can i do this ? Is there any way ?

    Thanks for your time in replying to my comment.

  34. dave says

    Thanks. Some DB wanted to be paid 1200 dollars to do this for me. Iknow HTML and am pretty smart. I am going to now have the ability to save that money and do this myself and update it as often as i want! this rocks.
    oh yeah, his site is
    good stuff for newbies, i guess. But if anyone wants to pay me 500 dollars, i ll do it for you as soon as I am done with mine.

    • says

      Hi Dave – That seems really high if no custom applications are being developed. A lot of times when people try to charge that month they contract the work out to someone else and try to pay the person as little as possible so they make a big profit.

      Good luck with your page :-)

    • says

      Hi Javed – Are you a fan of or do you like that page? I think the wall shows up after you join. They do have an info tab and then two custom tabs.

      • Javed Alam says

        The mystery is solved.

        The first URL in the comment above is a fan page created by me and the “wall” and “info” tabs can not be removed from it.

        While the second URL points to a “Community page” introduced by facebook in April 2010.

        These pages are experimental and have only three tabs as shown in the second URL in my comment above. They also are limited in scope to what a maintainer of those page can do.

  35. Jill Thomas says

    Your blog is a great resource. I am glad I found it. I edit a blog called Island I am trying to improve our fan page. I was wondering if you know how to post a note created in a fan page on the fan page wall. When I share it posts to my personal profile but not to the fan page wall. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

    • says

      Hi Jill – You could set up the notes so they auto-post to the fan page wall. I find that most things I try to share, it shares them as me rather than as my fan page.

    • says

      Hi Pavan – Thanks! Please note that this article is outdated and that next week Facebook will be removing boxes and you will need to use fbml to create a custom tab.

  36. says

    Hi, I have a fan page for my company. However I’ve seen that some companies can make their private famillies so that people have to “like” it to be able to view it. Do you know how they do it? I can’t see any privacy setting for fan pages. Hope you might be able to help!


  37. says

    I’m a small town, small practice dentist. I would like to do a little customization to my facebook fan page that is linked to my website. I don’t know if I can afford this or not but what would you charge for some revision to my page so I can be more reachable and “likable”.

  38. Melanie says

    Hi Kim,

    My family and I have a house that we share and we’ve been having trouble remembering when everyone will be there. What I’d like to do is create a page that has an interactive calendar so that everyone in my family can make changes to it so we can all see when the others will be there. Any suggestions?



  1. […] How to Create Facebook Fan Page – I spent most of a day last Spring learning how to make a custom Facebook fan page using Static FBML and boxes. It’s a little unfortunate that this article is still so popular because Facebook boxes will be going away very soon. I’m hoping people who visit the article will take note of the link to the updates on this topic. This article has been the most popular in 2009 and is the most popular on a daily basis. […]

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