Looking for Examples of Unique and Creative Custom Facebook Pages

I’m looking for your help.

I’m working on an article that will feature custom Facebook pages that are being used in creative or unique ways.

Please leave your links in the comments. If for any reason you don’t want to leave a link in the comments, you can send it to me via my contact form.

And, it is very possible that your link / Facebook page would be featured in a major publication (not that this site isn’t major but WAY bigger ;-)

Thanks in advance for your help!

photo credit: moonrat

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    I work with author Karin Slaughter, who uses her Facebook page as a way to bring together her global audience in a way that her website can’t. She has readers from a wide variety of countries, who interact on her page, sometimes in different languages. She asks questions that let people get to know about their country’s traditions or culture, and asks questions that shows how alike we all are. People will translate sentences into different languages, and help each other find local resources. I think she does a pretty good job balancing an audience that is pretty widespread through her fan page.

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