WordPress 2.8.2 Released – Say What? A Security Release

Police - 1978 (by AndyWilson)

Oh look. A birthday gift from the WordPress folks to me.

WordPress 2.8.2 was released on July 20th and is a security fix

I didn’t notice this until tonight because I’ve been out of the loop, ignoring the news, and freaking out. I tried to take a day off, tried to celebrate another journey around the sun, and tried to deal with an extremely sick kid with a Foreigner (the band) style fever.

So, apparently there is a XSS vulnerability. I know, I know – the XSS stuff really gets to me too ;-)

But this is a bad bugaboo. The URL left by a commentator can be exploited to redirect you away from the WordPress admin to some nefarious, evil other site.

I shouldn’t joke – this is serious. If you are already running 2.8 or 2.8.1, upgrade as soon as possible. (Make backups first). If you are still running the WordPress 2.7 series, you may want to sit tight for a couple of days to see it 2.8.3 makes an appearance.

Enjoy! Oh – and remember my guide to upgrading WordPress manually is still a valuable resource. A self-processed upgrade “newbie” said he used it successfully for his first ever manual upgrade.

photo credit: AndyWilson

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